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  1. Unfortunately I have 225/50R16's and the SuperSports don't come in 16's. 2nd my GTR sticks out like clouds in the sky, and I live in Canberra so any form of traction loss will most probably be recorded by unhappy road users due to the 5 minute wait in peak hour traffic and then uploaded to the afp's facebook site.
  2. Has anyone had any experience with the Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5's? I'm trying to find myself a decent street set of tyres of a rather stock R32 GTR, and just rating up my options. At current I am looking at the following: Yokohama Advan Sport v103 Bridgestone Potenza Adrenalin RE002 Michelin PS3 Goodyear Eagle F1 Directional 5 Very open for suggestions but I only drive my GTR on the weekends really so wear or price isn't that important being my last pair lasted me almost 2 years. Cheers Paul
  3. Hello Jezzza, Very interested in GTR bonnet. Will need to know if you are willing to post to ACT, at my expense of course
  4. Hello, Looking for a set of the front inner guards (splash/stone guards) for a R32 GTR. Easiest way to post these it to roll them up together/seperatly and put them into a poster tube. I live in Canberra 2912 Cheers, Paul
  5. Hey, I'll get the speedo cluster and both GT badges if you will post it to Canberra 2912 (ill pay postage of course) Let me know Cheers, Paul
  6. Hello Pete, Do you still have the inner front guards (stone/splash guards). Would you be able to post to Canberra 2912? I heard easiest way to do this is to roll them up into a poster tube and when i receieve them i use heat gun to un-roll them Cheers
  7. Hi Pete, I am in need of a cluster (need new tacho) as mine is sticking on 1000 rpm when engine isnt running How much posted to Canberra 2912? Cheers.
  8. Also after a techometer gauge for R32 GTR (1990) as mine is sitting on 1000 rpm when my engine is off. So if anyone has a cluster lying around let me know.
  9. Hello, Just seeing if anyone had a R32 GTR Radiator and/or Fuel tank sender unit to spare? Please have pictures if you can. Please also include postage to Canberra 2912. Kind Regards, Paul
  10. ^^ Thanks for replys. I now also need the following: AFM plugs for standard R32 GTR afms A pair of smashed up R32 GTST indicators (need the wiring that is attached to them) A broken insturment cluster (need the fuel gauge) Bonnet stick XD
  11. Hey, I'm after some unusualy parts today >< I need the wiring looms for the headlights. I know these are attached to the main looms, but if someone has a crappy engine loom with them attaches I'll take them. Plugs/clips need to be intact otherwise it wont make much of a difference. Next is the 4WD solenoid. This is the part that is located under the car near the fuel tank. The flashing LED in my boot says it has a problem. This must have come out of a car where the 4WD system was working perfectly (well atleast where error messages didnt say something about the solenoid) Also if someone had the clip that attaches the wire from the glovebox damper ill take that aswell as mine is missing >< Next is the door timer thingy...mine MIGHT be faulty...but everyrtime i close the drivers side window the passengers side door locks..not a problem but annoys girlfriend... >< Also if anyone has a screwed up dash cluster (speedo/tacho etc) i need the fuel meter. Then I also need the fuel tank sender unit in working condition...so basically came out of a car working. Last if anyone has R32 GTST indicator looms i need those aswell. Cheers XD Paul
  12. Hello JD, Yes i believe i will just need the brass restricter, that goes in the hose before the boost solenoid. It looks like the hose on the solenoid has been replaces, but doesnt appear to be any larger. Still have the standard metal actuator hoses aswell. The only mod i really have are pods, FMIC, cam gears, timing belt and the ECU. No boost controller and still have standard turbos. Cheers.
  13. Thankyou Kat >< Yeah, then they shaft all the staff after that cause it would cost them too much to transfer them anywhere >< I managed to get some shifts at Dickson Shell, but only getting half what i was getting before T_T But really need that restrictor if anyone has it lying around, ive been advised not to boost high as it may destroy my ceramic turbines.
  14. Hello, After the boost restrictor off a r32 gtr (one near solenoid) Cheers, Paul
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