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  1. R338OY

    Going To Japan

    The Nigerians were a pain in the ass when i was there a few weeks ago. "No i'm not going into your bar, I'm getting some dinner." "We have chips and burgers upstairs. And drinks. And more." "No. Me and my girlfriend want actual food from an actual restaurant." "First drink free for the lady."
  2. Not too sure what's going on there as I can't see the MBC...but you don't need to keep the standard solenoid on. You can disconnect it. Just run the hoses from the intercooler pipe to the MBC input side and then from the output side to the wastegate actuator (gold 'bell' joined to the turbo if you aren't sure). That should do it, then just slowly wind up the boost until your neck breaks. Any more probs with it let me know!
  3. No worries. If you have anything to add feel free to throw in pics etc. Cheers! Yes, i've installed de MBC. Yes, all wastegate+actuator equipped turbos would work off the same principal. It should work. He's probably running too much boost and the ECU is shitting itself - so wind the boost down. Other than that he could regap the plugs to 0.8mm or go get a retune to get the A/F ratios right. Upping the boost can cause flat spots in the power curve as you might already know. Post updates guys, would like to hear how the extra boost is coming along haha
  4. R33 GTR pump in a gtst is good. Can't say much about it seeing as mine was fitted by a mechanic, but i had the stock pump, a bosch 040 and now the gtr pump in my r33 gtst. I'd say it has the power capacity similar to the 040, but it's probably more reliable. It also sounds good, whirring away, compared to the other two pumps. If you stick your head under the car it sounds really noisy though, it's a big buzzing sound. But try get the whole assembly if you can, beats stuffing around trying to fit it. If you don't have a better option i'd recommend this mod.
  5. I wouldn't worry too much then. The ones suggested are sweet for what you need.
  6. Although they're related, the RB25 is just a different animal compared to the 20. It's like that 17 year old Chinese dude that killed the weightlifting at the Olympics. His balls are just so deep.
  7. There's more to life than being really, really, ridiculously fast *does blue steel pose*
  8. What not keep your Nur, since it's quite amazing, and then replace it with the R35 down the track? You're only putting a deposit down for one, no need to sell the Nur this VERY SECOND FREAK!
  9. Depends how badly you want to increase the sound.
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