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  1. Cylinder compression test 16apr 160:160:160:155:155:155
  2. Up for sale is my 1999 ER34 Skyline GT-T , Imported in 2007 I have been the only owner of this vehicle in Australia. This car has been my daily driver for the last 11 years and has served me very well, its reliability so far has been A1. The car currently has 242,XXX genuine kilometres on it. I have looked after this car as if it was my own child, with no expense spared on maintenance to ensure a reliable car. Engine oil is changed every 5000K, with fluids and other consumables changed at regular intervals, and of course always run on 98. I had always intended to keep this car forever, but life’s circumstances have forced me to change direction. This vehicle has never been raced, thrashed, tracked or abused. - as hard as that might be to believe, I’m quite often ridiculed for my ‘grandma’ attitude towards driving J I won’t claim that this car is ‘Mint’ but I consider it to be in very good condition. There are obviously a few imperfections that come with owning a 20 year old car. I’m more than happy to point the not so obvious ones out on any inspections and give a more in depth explanation of its history for buyers with genuine interest. I have all receipts for parts purchased and work undertaken throughout its lifetime. I have the Auction sheet and all export paperwork. In addition I also will be offering with the car sale all the stock parts that have come off the car for example; clutch fan, Underbody Splash guard, stock ECU, NEO Engine cover, 4 x stock 17’” rims, stock AFM, and various replacements clips and bolts I’ve acquired over time Please only contact if you are genuinely interested in buying, I don’t have the time (or patience) to deal with low ballers or tyre kickers. If you require additional photos of particular aspects of the car, they can be given on request. Thanks for reading! Price: $17,000 (open to negotiation for genuine buyers only) Location: Cairns Contact: Please PM for any enquires or further details Vehicle Details: - Registered until OCT 2019 - Unopened RB25DET Neo (242,xxx K) - Dyno’d at 244rwkw @ 15 psi (tuned by Dale – Castle Hill Performance) - OEM Xenon Headlights - Apexi PowerFC & Hand controller - Alpine IDE-178BT head unit - HKS GT-RS Turbocharger - 725cc Injector Dynamics injectors - Splitfire Coilpacks - Nismo Fuel Pump - Aeromotive FPR - Blitz SE Return-flow front mount intercooler - Apexi Pod Filter (also have stock airbox) - Z32 Airflow meter - Nismo Thermostat - Nissan N1 Waterpump - PWR radiator - Turbosmart Eboost Street EBC - Full CES Racing 3” Stainless exhaust with Highflow 200 cell cat, Dual tip Magnaflow muffler. - Nismo braided brake and clutch lines. - Nismo Coppermix Sports (Single plate) clutch kit (with lightened flywheel) - Nismo LM-GT4 18x8.5 +30 & 18x9.5 +38. with Bridgestone RE003s - Whiteline Front and Rear adjustable swaybars - Whiteline Adjustable rear control arms - TEIN Super Street Coilovers - DBA4000 Slotted rotors - Mongoose Alarm
  3. Oh, I must have miss understood the time frames, I'm fine waiting.. I just thought they had arrived already.. I'll sit back down
  4. Still waiting.. Might have to shoot off an email.
  5. damn, missed this one.. why don't i read these posts more?! *shakes fist*
  6. I've attached an image of the section of hose I'm referring to.
  7. I've developed a leak in the rubber section of one of the high pressure power steering lines in my 34, (outlet from the pump?) the hose looks to be crimped to hard lines, when looking to get a OEM replacement it seems that these section of lines come as a a whole unit (FAST has the hard lines and rubber section as one part number) - i like to try and retain OEM parts when possible but the cost is extremely high for these. Wondering what others have done when replacing this rubber section of hose! Thanks all
  8. I believe this is the part you're after for the under body cover Part No: 75892-AA010 http://nissan.epc-data.com/skyline/er34/3952-rb25det/body/747/74811/ Price. http://www.amayama.com/search/?q=75892AA010&cur=AUD Using Nissan FAST will be able to help you with the other part. (http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/topic/359820-whats-the-besteasiest-site-to-download-nissan-fast-software/page-3?)
  9. My GTT still has the factory xenon headlights, Complied in NSW. i have never quite understood why some had to have them removed for being illegal. especially in regards to the auto levelling requirement, I have never been able to locate in Regulation 77 (for gas discharge lights) a section where it states autolevelling is a requirement due to it being a gas discharge headlamp. however it states quite cleary @ in ADR 13 the following; Headlamp levelling device In the case where a headlamp levelling device is necessary to satisfy the requirements of paragraphs and, the device shall be automatic. However, devices which are adjusted manually, either continuously or non‑continuously, shall be permitted, provided they have a stop position at which the lamps can be returned to the initial inclination defined in paragraph by means of the usual adjusting screws or similar means. These manually adjustable devices must be operable from the driver's seat. Continually adjustable devices must have reference marks indicating the loading conditions that require adjustment of the dipped-beam. Which the GTT has to the right of the steering wheel. I've never heard of them requiring washers (referring to a headlamp cleaning device?), with xenon being gas discharge and not LED and no light bending features are utilised in the headlights, in the section that was pasted in a previous comment - 6.2.9 where references 'principle dipped beam' (and the above is not applied) that term is defined in those regulations @ for sources utilising bend lighting. Objective luminous flux .. well thats objective isn't it That's my take on it.. though i think my brain just melted.
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