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  1. I had a quick look around the forum and I could not see any threads directly related to V Series pictures (nothing in the Gallery Section either). I thought it would be interesting to see what fine examples we have on show? EDIT by Nismo Seeing as there was a lot of chat in the other pic threads, I'll sticky this one and make it NO CHAT, PICS ONLY. All non pic posts will be deleted. PM me if anyone has any concerns. Cheers Bobby
  2. So the premium version is slower ? what is the weight difference ?
  3. Thanks for the additional info guys, I guess it will just be a case of wait and see what comes up in auction, I would like to stick to manual but more from a car control / engine breaking reason. I don't think the auto would please me long term..... Ill keep you guys updated on what I find, fingers crossed its going to be decent.
  4. Well if thats the case, its hands down 6MT , cheers for your input
  5. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forums I currently have a S2 R33, I have just recently fallen in love with the V35 350GT coupe. I work with Pulp and he assures me I wont look back if I make the change to the new model Skyline. I am now looking at importing one but I am unsure as to which way to go manual or auto?. My current skyline is manual and generally I do lean in this direction but are their any reasonable benefits to consider the 5spd auto? Cheers in advance folks
  6. Gday guys, I am looking forward to getting a V35 350GT Coupe I just have to wait a couple of weeks to sell my R33 S2. I can't believe I didn't consider the great looking and well appointed car earlier
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