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  1. Sorry guys, just measured it properly, there is about 4mm different between the front passager and driver side. The suspension was fitted 3 weeks ago, so it should seat in properly by now. Cheers!
  2. I just fitted Bilstein shocks and King springs to my R33 Gts-t, I find that the front passager side has a 2 finger gap between the tyre and guard, but the driver side only has one and half finger gap between the tyre and guard. Has anybody had the same problem??? Thanks
  3. Selling a second hand Motec M4 for a friend, it's in good condition. Asking price $1500 Some information can be found at the following link www.motec.com.au/m4/m4overview/ Locate in Sydney
  4. Hi Chris, since you sold the seat separately, I just wondering if you want to sell your Bilstein and whiteline suspension separately??? I have the stock r33 gts-t suspension sitting in my garage, I can swap with ur bilsteins plus cash, I also have a set of tein coilovers, I can swap that too, if you r interested, plz let me know. Good luck with the sale. Cheers Richard
  5. Looking for second hand Tein super street Aus spec or Sk's Bilstein and whiteline set up for R33 Gts-t.
  6. HI guys, where could I get the Eibach springs for r33 gts-t??? I contacted east coast suspension, they said Eibach doesn't make springs for R33 Gts-t, is this true???
  7. Hi, just wondering do you want to sell the Bilstein separately??? Cheers
  8. I tried to get a set of softer springs for street driving, I contacted Buddyclub, they told me they don't have different option for the D1 coilover
  9. I have the Buddyclub D1 coilover in my R33, unfortunately the D1 doesn't have different options for the spring.
  10. Hi guys, looking for a set of bilstein and eibach suspension for my r33 gts-t, currentlly have the Buddyclub D1/N+ coilover on the car, I want something softer, the car is a daily now. Swap or cash, but must be in good condition. Cheers!!!
  11. Hi, is the tein SS coilover japan spec or Aus spec??? How long have you had it on your car? and how many kms?? Cheers
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