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  1. Ahh.. another choice that I wasnt even aware of. Thanks for pointing that out. Now on to the turbo itself. I cant say with any certainty at what rpm the turbo will spool on your application as I am not familiar with the performance of that turbine housing. I will say that the TD06H-20G in an 8cm turbine housing is capable of 450+whp at its limit on a 2.0L engine. I have made right at 400whp on the smaller TD05H-20G 7cm on a 2.0L. The 20G compressor is rated at approximately 44lbs/min depending on who you ask. Now to the turbine wheel. The TD06H turbine mated to a larger compressor can deal with power levels nearing 550whp. I have seen a 2.0 dyno 611whp on a 75 shot using a TD06H turbine wheel in a 7cm housing. I know that this is not a direct answer to your question, but hopefully it will provide some insight to what you can expect out of the turbo. jeff
  2. There are many different incarnations of the TD06 20G. There is a TD06-20G, TD06H-20G, TD06N-20G, TD06S-20G, TD06L-20G and TD06L2-20G. Then there are the optional turbine housing sizes as well. There are 8cm, 10cm, and 17cm housings available for the 20G based compressors. So there are 6 different turbine wheel options to mate to the 20G compressor plus the 3 housing options. There are also compressor housing options but the 20G wheel performs about the same in all of them, even the little TD05 based housing. There are also different versions of the 25G (T67) although not as many. TD06H-25G, TD07-25G and TD07S-25G. I think there is one more but I'm not sure of the name. Turbine housing options for the 25G are as follows. 8cm, 10cm, 17cm and 22cm. So 3 or 4 turbine wheel choices and 4 housing choices. The 25G is available with a 4 inch inlet or 3 inch inlet on hte cover. Some of these may not apply to your application but maybe helpful for the archives or just in general. jeff
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