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  1. Need to clear my garage Quick sale $1000! Turn Flow Intercooler kit with piping 450x300x100 Thick (Uses factory holes) ,3" Dump 3.5" Xforce Exhuast Stock GTST Turbo Manifold Turbo Injectors Turbo Manual ECU Wont drop on price but willing to part out Call me on 0423854099 or PM thanks guys
  2. hey guys up for sale is my r33 gtr gearbox os giken gears 1st 2nd 3rd and has the conversion from pull to push very tuff box that i bought with my engine from japan off a smashed gtr this box was very smooth and can grab gears it was running behind 458awkw no problem has had a few launches with slicks still smooth $1500ono 0403751647
  3. Chasing $100 for it FIRM! Cheap as they come i stole this pics from another thread as my phone stuffer up but exactly the same as this. Located in sunshine 0423854099
  4. For Sale R33 Intercooler kit + Exhuast package! Only $550!! together only Consists of Turn Flow intercooler kit 450x300x100 Thick! (No holes needed to cut) 4" X force Titanium Exhuast (Cat back) With Custom Dump pipe or $350 each Great bang for buck upgrade! Call me on 0423854099 or PM Me
  5. hey mate ill take the tires tokohamas would u send them to NSW?


  6. hey guys up for sale is my hks to4r turbo kit for rb26 im selling this as im wanting to go bigger on my new engine setup the turbo is like new hit boost around 5000rpm and hold power till 10000rpm was on 1.5bar boost pulls hard as HKS TO4R AR/70 FRONT .81 REAR 650PS RATED HKS MANIFOLD HKS 60MM WASTEGATE SOUND INSANE DUMP TILL CAT SINGLE TO TWIN INTAKE PIPE OIL LINES HKS HEAT SHEILD $3700 0403751647
  7. hey guys here i have a greddy t78-33d rb36 turbo kit plans was to use it for my new setup but need to go bigger somthing like a t51r the turbo is in good nick it has been powder coated rear housing polished front this is what you get greddy t78-33d turbo Power 720ps Compressor Wheel Out dia 90 mm In dia 65.8 mm Turbine side wheel in dia 65 Out dia 74 mm Ex dia 79.0mm greddy 50mm waste greddy manifold dump pipe missing lines $3500 0403751647
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