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  1. both sets of brakes are gone seats are bent fro m the crash and yes im willy to post at buyers expense this is my phone number as my computer is playing up bad thanks tim please call after 5pm 0414856710
  2. the rear diff is still on the car but might be a little while till i have time to remove it depends if you are in a rush for a diff and it is for sale thanks tim
  3. pretty standard only mods are trust t517z 10cm turbos 1 with brand new center price 2000 ono standard turbos $400 and an digital speedo of some sought $50 the block is stuffed but the head is fine $1000 box is in good condition maby slight 2nd gear syncro wear but could of been that the clutch was stuffed $1000 brakes $800 passengers door $200 boot and wing $500 lots more just have to go through it tell me a part you are after please let me no if these prices are to dear its been a long time since ive had any thing to do with the car im open to negotiate and location is blaxland blue mountains thanks tim
  4. for sale a r33 gtr vspec in parts was going to be a track car but had a marage break up so it was sitting in my shed till i got the fiances soughted but some 1 decided to borrow it when i was away big front end damage came back from holidays to find my car was f**ked froma hit a telegraph pole let me no what you want of the car lots cant be saved no reasonable offer will be refused not really shaw of what is good prices for things make me a offer and we will go from there thanks for your time tim
  5. i have the same problem and the problem is that the fuel return line is running back into the surge tank the way to fix is to have the return line go back in to the fuel tank hot the surge and get a lift pump that can out flow the bosch 044 thats what im doing anyway
  6. ### gear sets are strong as but there head mechanic is a absolute #### head and thinks he noes every thing and miss alines the the shafts so your box will jump gear and wont take responsability but the owner is really nice just has to much faith in his head mechanic its a pity really if it wasnt for me haveing to get my gear box rebuilt 3 times by ### witch still couldnt get it right then i had to take to to another gear box builder who got it spot on first time ive been so temped to take ### to the accc but i dont want the head aiche and ide be happy to mention there name but i no your not a loud to bad mouth companies on forums all i can say is be careful dealing with par thanks tim
  7. this is my daily when i havent got any jobs and when i got jobs on its a 2005 npr 250 witch is also mine and my mrs tow car got to love truck can take two car for the price of one
  8. just a word of advice with the ### gear sets get that box in there as quick as you can and make shaw it is good i got one of there gear sets in my r33 gtr and it was far from good when i put it back in wouldnt hold gears had heaps of problems getting fixed as it was out of waranty after i got my car back on the road in the end i ended up taking it to another work shop and got it rebuilt to make it right cost me an extra 1000 on top to get right just be careful
  9. bluddy saftey car cost me 1600 that was a new set of semis
  10. i had a turbo rebuilt by *** about two years ago and started leaking after about 500 kms ide be looking at the turbo
  11. the tuner i use makes you sign a waver of liabilty if he didnt do the work but i still wouldnt ever take my car to any one else ive had major problems with outher tuners inculding two blown motors a blown gearbox and a slipping clutch one tryed to charge me for a tow truck after he broken the gear box doing burnouts you should be able to tell if a tuner is any good just by talking to him
  12. from the experiance ive had with one piece shafts are they vibrate a little bit more and they also hit the floor a lot easier but ive never had one peice shafts in a skyline yet only in old nissans and datsuns
  13. i would also say no to getting a gtr because of the turbo laws and if you have already been booked thats not a good start but saying that i got a r33gtr when i turned 18 and still have not lost a point on my license ive also been driving and working on car since i was 8 ive had about 20 padock bashers and since i got my ls ive only ever owned turbo cars i had a 4g63 cb lancer till i got my ps then i bought a 350 hp n14 pulsar then i had a gtir to put all my parts of the pulsar on untill some one rear ended me then i bought a gtr and they are so much work its not funny and dangerious
  14. what would it roughfly cost for a full cage to be bent up for a r33gtr in mild steel thanks tim
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