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  1. This is what mine is doing and I have the standard type plugs in and still the standard intake. I have checked several times for a vac leak and changed the hoses and all the sensors to no avail. I have now ordered a couple of new coil plug stems to change over as it seems to be a miss on the drivers side bank. It runs fine when I drop it down a gear and have the revs above 3000rpm but misses and hesitates between 2000 and 3000. Sent from my SM-G900I using SAU Community mobile app
  2. Ok M35 guru's could you please take a look at these pics and tell me what you think. This is my car at idle in park after driving for 20 minutes. It is still missing after now changing spark plugs, checking coils, changing MAF sensor, crank angle sensor, and left bank (passenger side) cam angle sensor (haven't done other side yet but pretty sure that aren't the issue). Also checking for any leaks in all piping (found a small crack in PCV pipe which is fixed now). and have reset computer.. My concerns were with the timing figures but in saying that i dont quite understand how to read this Hobdrive information as yet. Thank you for any help as this is really shitting me now...
  3. Thanks Daleo, The yellow jackets came on the car when I bought it 3 weeks ago. They had seemed to be working just fine. It was just a few days ago it started playing up. The only other thought that came to me today was that I ran a octane booster in it last week with the tank full before it started playing up. So I am suspicious as to whether it stuffed the spark plugs.
  4. Thanks YangLIU. So it seems to be a common problem. I was wondering what sort of dodgy fix the previous owner had done on the passenger side with silicone on the walls of the rocker cover. There was alot less oil in that side. The plugs look shitty and one of the coilpacks (yellow jackets) weren't connected to the base properly so I'm hoping that this will fix the occasional miss fire.
  5. Ok I have found a massive issue. So far 2 out of 4 plugs I have changed have had oil in the spark plug hole.. but this one is literally drowning in oil. I'm taking a guess that the rocker cover gaskets have shat themselves and require changing. I'd like to just ask if there could be any other issues this could be from?
  6. Thanks asmS15. I did also try the throttle position relearn and idle relearn today aswell as I disconnected the battery and computer 2 weeks ago whilst doing the brake cut mod. But they didn't seem to make any difference either.
  7. Hi there gentlemen, I have had this very same issue with my m35 just start this past couple of days. I had taken it into my local nissan dealership to have it checked for any codes (this was before finding how to get the ecu into its diagnostic mode which incidentally didn't work for me today no matter how many times I tried). It didn't come up with any fault codes but the nissan mechanic seemed to think it may be the CAS on its way out. I have changed the fuel filter today and am doing the plugs and will check the coils as well as cleaning the throttle body tomorrow and see how that goes. Has anyone else found this issue to be caused by the CAS? I have read most of the posts on this site relating to the M35 and did come across the "CAS issue" that ended up having a recall and have checked to see if mine had been cleared. It does have the sticker next to the build plate with the R184 or whatever the number was stamped on it so I'm assuming that had been cleared up. I'm also wondering if it could have anything to do with the PCV value being blocked? To much pressure built up without being able to be released once hot? Sorry about the monster post. I'm just thinking of anything it could possibly be as I am meant to be driving to vic this weekend to watch the drifting. Cheers guys.
  8. Today is the last day to get in on the Special price of $170 for Drivers so get onto http://www.jmpperfor...ts-2/drift-nsw/ or follow the links through the DRIFT NSW Facebook page to get your spot for one hell of a night that you will not forget. We will be running 2, yes 2 tracks at the same time and with the Party like atmosphere there is no other Drifting event like it in NSW. We are all about bringing the fun back into Drifting for everyone, so come on out and join us.
  9. Following DRIFT NSW's debut event on the 8th of September on the Figure 8 Skid Circuit which was a huge success! We are now getting bigger and better! Watch out Sydney! The event will run on Saturday evening from 6.30pm - midnight. Skid Pan & Figure 8 Skid Circuit! Entries now open! DRIVERS Early Bird Special - $170 (THIS WEEK ONLY) - Must enter and pay this week. Regular - $185 Passenger rides - $50 EVENT SCHEDULE 6.00pm - Gates open - Drivers sign on 6.20pm - Driver's Briefing 6.30pm - On track! MIDNIGHT - Event finish 12.30am - GATES SHUT, so we all need to be out before then DRIFTING - MUSIC - MERCHANDISE - HEATERS - ONE HELL OF A SATURDAY NIGHT HANG OUT!
  10. sorry to the people who have PM me.. because I haven't posted ten times I can't reply via PM. I am wanting to sell this car to help with the move south, not to swap it for another car but thanks for the interest guys.
  11. FOR SALE:- 93" R32 GTS-T NISSAN SKYLINE DRIFT CAR (TRACK ONLY) $4000 ono. Standard motor and turbo running 13psi (very reliable and strong) Front mount cooler (upside down for shorter piping and better response) brass button clutch (drifted 3 times) Shimed diff straight through 3" side pipe twin rear swaybars with nolathane bushes. short shifter Cusco coilovers (front) the water pump and timing belt where changed only 2 months ago and has been on track once since then. I have owned it for 3 years and she has been a very reliable car. I am not wanting to sell it but am moving down the far south coast with my family as we have just bought a business so will not have time to drive her anymore. I have 10x16" rims, 6x17" rims and a set of 18" rims plus some spare drift tyres ($3750 for car without 18"s). It also has a fixed back driver's race seat and I have stripped out the sound deadening. It also comes with some stock parts that have come out (intercooler ext). If you have any inquires please don't hesitate to contact me (Chris) on 0407 538 555.
  12. thanks heaps guy's but he is a tight ass and doesn't want to pay frieght. haha Is there anyone with one in the sydney region???
  13. Hay Guys. I'm chassing after a manual box for a mate of mine. Rb20 or RB25.. If anyone has one please let me know ASAP. Thanks Chris
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