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  1. Hi everyone has anyone used the Greddy Emanage with their series 2 R33 Gts-25t skyline? what are the cons and pros about it and what do you need to set it up to run side by side with the factory ECU, do you need a special loom or something?
  2. it was the computer and the immobiliser which i did no it was there thank's alot anyway cheer's to everyone
  3. thanks everyone for sharing out info's really apreciate it have the car running now thanks alot
  4. nothing was stripped. I believe when this low lives fool's drive out about 5 minutes then the car just died out founded down just 2 km from my house borbably a short somewhere I think. I just bought the car from Japan directly a few week's ago but I did not install an alarm or an imobilizer. but then what causes the light on dashboard when ignition is on stand by before starting her up, stereo, windows and light not working? what I meant in a few reply back is that none of the Light, stereo, dashboard light are contol by computer but main fuse is ok.
  5. already done what you just mention still have spark and petrol fuel pump fuse is ok still cannot figure out what's wrong
  6. i just got the car back someone stole it. bought a new ignition switch start her up it dosent start also realise there's not a single light on the car seems to be working. stereo , light's, window not working. I thought it was the main fuse which is at the rear boot check it out its ok. is it possible that is the computer? but then again the window and stereo are not control by computer can anyone please help me out want is going on?
  7. check battery voltage its okay, try jumbing its dosent start at all ,when it's cranking its' turning over pretty easily but listen to sound of ethaust it sound like a car that just been start after a rebuild
  8. My R33 series2 Turbo is cranking but does not start no light on dashboard and anything like windows, stereo lights dont work, have already check the main fuse a the rear of vechile an it's ok. can anyone help out here?
  9. hi everyone im new on this forum, can anyone please share some light on a problem i have. Does anyone know if a R33 96 GTS-25T has a main fuse or dosent I know for a fact that most subaru's has a wire as the main fuse can anyone please help me out here...
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