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  1. Gday guys, My r33 gts-4 is making a sort of grinding sound when the clutch pedal is pushed in. My mechanic tells me that it's the thrust bearing but he doesn't know how to go about replacing it. Do you guys have any good recommendations for a mechanic in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne that I can go to for this? Cheers, Jimmy
  2. hello there good chap! I am definately interested in some of your gear! PMd'd'd'd'd
  3. http://www.gtr.co.uk/forum/upload/52567-sm...-gearstick.html Some guys on the uk gtr forum have had the same problem. For these guys it was caused by a split gaiter at the bottom of the gearstick. I'm gonna take it to my mechanic and get him to check it out.
  4. Just yesterday I noticed this exact some thing and it was happening today as well. Both days have been very hot. It may have been occuring before but I hadn't noticed it (bought my car about 6 weeks ago). It's an R33 gts-4 non turbo. It doesn't seem to have any smell and is only a small amount like the steam coming out of a kettle. My coolant isn't leaking, oil and brake fluid are fine. Is it worth worrying about? Thanks - Jimmy.
  5. I think you guys are right. From what I can gather the rb25 engine when turbo'd is at around 184kw and works out to around 135kw per tonne. Which is over the limit. Also from what I gather (do not quote me on this), there are no stock r33's with rb20 engines that come with a turbo. Since a stock rb20 is at around 96kw I would assume that if there was a stock turbo'd one then it'd be under 125kw per tonne. I think I may go for a ER33 GTS25 and maybe upgrade to turbo when I'm off my P's.
  6. I'm looking to buy an r33. I'm still on my P's but got them before July 2007 so under Victorian road rules I'm allowed to drive a turbo provided that it is below 125kw per tonne. Are there any r33 Skyline models that come with the turbo but are under 125kw per tonne? Thanks, Jimmy
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