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  1. wanted to buy One pair of GTR34 Tail lights,the bezels or plastic surrounds must be excellent.
  2. GTR33 Headlights Hi all,I have 3 GTR33 headlights for sale 2 R/H and 1 L/H one has a cracked top bracket as the steel support part of the bracket is gone but could be araldited and have steel support bracket re-installed to make right the others are good they are all in good condition plastic lenses could do with a polish but are not dull $300 each for the good ones and $250 for the one with the cracked bracket,if you want pics they are on Gumtree just type in GTR33 Headlights,should show up ,Cheers Grey Pearl
  3. I am selling a UAS Heavy Duty Clutch Pivot Bolt brand new for GTR33 $30,0417032732
  4. I am selling a genuine brand new Nismo clutch pedal mounting bracket PT# 46550-RS590 suits R33RB 25DET and RB25DE 4 wheel drive cost $200 will sell for $120 0417032732
  5. I have a GREDDY speed limiter cut controller Nissan gtr 33 5N-1 $40 0417032732.
  6. I have a set of GTR33 coils for sale working well when replaced with splitfires done approx 80,000kms sensible offers pickup Ballarat or I can deliver to Melb 0417032732.
  7. Hi all,I have for sale the internals of an R33 GTR series 1 gearbox everything that you would replace to upgrade to a series 3 box is there, cause that what I did, including a brand new seal Pt# 12279-AD205, synchros all good was working well when replaced for my engine upgrade,ph 0417032 732 I am in Ballarat Victoria pickup preferred but I can deliver to melb $500.00
  8. Cheers for the replies guys guess this thread has done it's dash,Greypearl.
  9. Also off topic but I used to get notifications in my email when someone makes a post to my topic but now I don't how can I turn that feature back on,Greypearl.
  10. Thanks GTSBOY so simple when you know how 1) Need to know which are best and why BC'S or Bilsteins. 2) Bear In mind that my car will probably never see the track. 3) Cost is a factor,Cheers Greypearl.
  11. Mainly I was saying that the Teins could have been in that long but Centreline told me that the bumpstops and rubber boots are knackered and will attract a fair cost to repair anyway so an upgrade makes sense,I am definitely seeking knowledge on the pros and cons of BC'S VS Bilsteins though so I can make an informed decision any viewpoints appreciated , also if someone can teach me how to separate sentences you and I will appreciate it, I was not born in the computer generation ,sorry,Thanks Greypearl.
  12. Thanks for the info guys I would still like some more opinions on the pros and cons of what Centreline are recommending for coilovers and what the forum thinks Cheers Greypearl.
  13. Further to our discussions on the cars camber issues I took the car to Centreline today in Lipton Drive Thomastown,for an assessment turns out that I had Tein all round as I suspected and the boots and bump stops were knackered but they are still working ok actually I think quite a nice ride the front wheels had 2.5 degrees and rears a bit over that so they didn't have much on and offered me some solutions and fitted 2 sets a side front and 2 kits rear of super pro castor and camber adjustable nylothane bushes don't know that brand, that got cambers back to .5 degree front and back give or take a few minutes so I was pretty happy with that as apparently stock 33 GTR'S are set solid at 1 degree so first problem solved then all the things I still need to get done,Tyres although near new tread wise except where the camber had worn them had worn into the case a bit and Glen suggested I had been running too low air pressure at 30psi which is what he found them at although I have always set them for 34 depending who's gun is correct he suggests low profile tyres of the width we run need between 36 to 40 to avoid case wear on new tyres so I will take that on board,according to the speedo which may or may not be true as white gauges have been fitted when I don't know is 92000kms so they found the front cv boots cracked on one side but not much grease coming out which generally means it's all gone already and has been cleaned off by someone and the cv joint runs dry the boots are not merely asthetic but hold the grease where it needs to be and front upper/ inner control arm bushes need replacing soon though I thought that's what we did today ,anyway the tein suspension has probably seen better days after approx 15 yrs so Chris suggested it would be smarter to upgrade to a new set of GC one's as pulling the Teins apart and fitting new boots and Bumpstops would cost a fair chunk anyway so when I do it there will be a cheap set of Teins to sell as I said they still ride nice but being a perfectionist is a curse,job so far cost $1100.00 to fix camber and he quoted me $2300. to pull front cv's apart clean assess damage if any,regrease and re-boot them and the full set front and back GC coilovers of course if the cv cages are worn from lack of grease I will be up for new parts so the sooner i get that done the better,Cheers Greypearl.
  14. Thanks GTRPSI appreciate your reply,Greypearl.
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