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  1. I havent been there lately as the weather on the weekends has been shit. And ive been sick the past week while its been nice so that sucks but ill probably be there on sunday arvo if the weather holds out. I took some time off them and my other training so now every time i run up i nearly vomit lol
  2. I get about 400km or so from a tank. Most of the fuel i burn is in peak hour traffic every morning and arvo heading to and from work. I have considered getting a hatch for weekdays but then the money ill be spending on insurance, rego and fuel for that wont really be practical IMO. Plus I enjoy my falcon and its the right size car for getting around and doing stuff so if i can get away with lpg saving me that extra money thats the way ill go
  3. By the way I calculated that at my current rate of refilling, I'll be going through 5,971 litres of petrol a year, maybe minus a couple hundred litres for when I don't fill up from empty or when i have a period of not driving. So if $6000 if the roughly value of 4000 litres of petrol, then that means I'm spending roughly $7000-8000 on petrol per year. In that case, a gas conversion would probably half that amount which would save me a lot of money and hence pay the system off pretty fast. The only things I'm trying to factor are the proven numbers for litres per 100km and reliability. I know the vapor system is a safer option and cheaper but the liquid system I'm sure I would be happier with provided that it delivers the results as promised and doesn't give me grief
  4. That electronic readout is pretty cool. What system does it come with? I'm looking at JTG systems as I've heard they're the best
  5. thanks for the feedback guys. i did calculate that after roughly 2 years the money ive saved on fuel will have paid off a vapour injected system and a liquid injected system would take about 4 years. the car only has 112,000km on it so im looking to keep it for a few years still. i have considered selling it, but i do enjoy the car and it suits me well with getting around, being a people mover and having a bit of fun in as well. the car is a 2004 BA XR8 sedan for those asking. right now the fuel economy isnt the best where its sitting roughly on 15.7km per 100km, but thats the computers calculation. some weeks ill get 400km, other weeks ill get 350km. the tank is only 65L as well which i think is small for a V8. the main concern i have is that there are people who have raised a lot of issues with the injected liquid lpg systems which is what im mainly trying to suss out here. Ive heard that there can be issues starting the car due to the psi changing while the car is off and the liquified gas vapourizes out of the lines or something. there are several other issues pointed out, but these were from mechanics who dont sell the systems so theres always the chance they were just crapping on about them so id buy one of their systems instead like sales people usually do. the place im looking at getting the conversion done at is smithy's in bayswater. ive heard good things about them and the guy i spoke to on the phone knows his stuff and spent 20mins explaining the differences between all types of lpg systems. seeing my car is a BA series then i know its a lot easier and common for these conversions to be done. the guy did say hes done conversions on land cruisers, FPV's, big block chevy's, etc. any more feedback from anyone who has used or knows someone with a liquid lpg conversion would be great.
  6. Looking to keep this car for a few years so having it running on gas would be most preferable
  7. Hey guys, Been looking at converting my falcon to lpg and been getting a few quotes on systems. Now several places tell me that they dont do liquid lpg conversions due to them being unreliable and not being as economical compared to vapour systems. One guy said they burn up 30% faster than petrol. However ive spoken to a few people and read that the liquid lpg systems are actually better for economy and have a 10% increase in power or something compared to petrol. I had a 20min chat with one mechanic who strongly recommends using liquid lpg but unfortunately not all mechanics share his enthusiam. All mechanics agreed that a vapour system has identical power to petrol. So seeing that im sick of searching the internet and only finding threads and articles from back in bloody 2005, i must ask is anyone here has any experiences with the liquid lpg systems or owns/knows someone who owns a car using it? And if so what is their feedback? I was quoted $5960 for liquid lpg and told i should have it serviced once a year for $160 which im comfortable with. I was quoted an average of roughly $3500 (give or take a bit) for vapour lpg conversions. And im happy to pay more for the liquid lpg conversion as long as im not going to have non stop trouble with it as I want this to be long lasting and economical. Cheers
  8. Went up again today. With the talent getting around there I was having a field day
  9. yeh i probably was. i was thinking of going up again tomorrow as well if im not too hung over
  10. Hmmm possibly was me :s can't remember last time I went
  11. Nah I didn't hear u dude. I don't usually have time to do the steps these days but I try to fit them in when I can
  12. I prefer to pace it out so I keep my heart rate steady. Some people I see there regularly go up about 7-8 times. One dude runs up at least 5 times. I can't see myself being that fit anytime soon. If the steps are slippery I'll go down on an angle but even when it's dry I keep a hand on a rail just in case. Had a few close calls...
  13. I always go up twice, two steps at a time and run back down. I used to come down faster but I started getting problems with my shins from the hard impacts. I have run up the one tree hill but when I try running the steps I tank out too quickly. The days when I go up 3 times kill my legs but by the third time I've slowed down a lot and my lungs don't get much of a work out do its not really worth it I think
  14. the embarrassing thing is that they never seem to get easier, not after all these years lol
  15. Well I ended up using the r33 parts. They were an aftermarket brand and they were virtually identical to my standard r34 parts, except they weren't cactus. Thanks guys
  16. Hey guys, in the case where I may not be able to get the above mentioned parts by tomorrow for my r34 GTT, would the same parts from an r33 gtst fit safely? Cheers
  17. im in. i havent been to an SAU meet in ages
  18. wanzi

    R34 Exhasut

    Is it a gtt? I found that with mine and my old r33 that just a cat back fujitsubo 3" exhaust sounded good and ran smoothly. Wasnt overly loud either so I'd say look for one of those
  19. wanzi

    Spotted Thread

    Ah yeh I would have been heading to my usual Friday night spot at maccas
  20. wanzi

    Spotted Thread

    I only do them once a week now on weekends cos it's dark when I get home from work during the week I do miss doing them nearly daily
  21. wanzi

    Spotted Thread

    coming home from the thousand steps
  22. wanzi

    Spotted Thread

    Sitting at the lights cnr of Whitehorse/middleborough rd checking out some shop windows when this dude rolls up into my view n gives me a wave. Gave a wave back n he kept rolling n I see his SAU sticker n I'm thinking f**k I must have looked stupid lol plates were BLKV35 I think
  23. wanzi

    Spotted Thread

    spotted LUKEB on sat night at stud park
  24. What's the name of this app? I'd like to try it and see what sorta fkd up shit I come up with
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