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  1. Hi, I'm interested in the rear seats, please read my PM.
  2. I was just confused with theslip/tcs flashing threads that were posted previously. My TCS was turned off when the SLIP light flashed, however, TCS light was steady and not flashing with the other. So would this be a different case or is this circumstance exactly what the other threads were talking about but I just misunderstood? I just didn't get any of those rough idling or misfiring so I thought maybe it might just be bad spark plugs (which would of been a cheaper fix than the coilpacks).
  3. Hey guys, It's been a while since posting on this forum but I'm glad SAU is always there for you when there's a problem. As stated in the topic title, the SLIP light blinks occassionally (but not for very long) even with the TCS is off. I didn't think too much of it until one day my car just stalled on the highway whilst driving normally. I thought it might be either the spark plugs or the coil packs, but I want to be more certain with the help of your opinion on this. By the way, I did not feel any missfiring yet. To me, it sounds more like the coil packs because I didn't think the SLIP light would blink if it was the spark plugs. But I could be wrong as always... Thanks in advanced guys!
  4. If you want to say having a turbo on the skylines is cheating, i could also say having 2 more cylinders in V8's is cheating compared to skyline in-line 6 cylinders. So if you wanted to put it that way, it could never be fair unless if you were racing exactly the same model cars, thus its a stupid shit ass comment to say about skylines cheating with a turbo. Im sure japs could just stash 2 more cylinders on their racing cars, but obviously worked out the power/weight ratio matters alot on track and drags. And i call that being smart not cheating.
  5. Forgot to mention, that the car has a 'sun-roof'!
  6. Make: Nissan Model: GTT R34 Skyline Milage: 79,xxxkm Transmission: 5 speed Manual Colour: Black Location: Sydney, NSW Complied? Yes Currently registered? Registered until December 2010 Price: $24,500 Modifications: Engine - K&N Pod Filter - Greddy Electronic Boost Controller - 3" Full Stainless Steel Exhaust (Catco Metal Cat, HKS Silent Cat Back & Dump Pipe) - Turbo Timer with 3 point Immobiliser Alarm (Features: Automatic window wind up, anti-car jack) Interior - Nismo Gear Knob - Genuine Skyline floor mats Exterior - Do-Luck Front bar, Bomex Side and Rear bar - AVS 17" Wheels The car has been regularly serviced every 5000 km basis and very well maintained. It never has been in an accident and is in excellent condition. This GTT R34 pulled 184rwkw on a dyno at 10.8psi, with just a cat back and metal cat (before i added in the dump pipe to make it a full exhaust), so now it should of gained a few more rwkw to around 190rwkw mark. Given the simple few mods ive done to the car and to pull such a big power in comparison to other ordinary GTT R34, i can see it has huge potential for power to be made with just some extra mods. (NOTE: i have compared alot of times with other GTT R34, and this is the best condition anyone has ever seen in performance for such a near stock car) I have raced alot of GTT R34 and compared, ive realised this R34 always beats other R34's with exactly the same modificiation the other R34's have. Even R34's with few extra mods on top of mine such as 14psi boost and front mount intercooler, my r34 still tends to win. At WSID, the car made 13.76 seconds for 1/4 time. If you are serious about purchasing this car, i will show you the time slips, and also the dyno graph in person. Just please bear in mind, i am not in such a hurry so i will NOT negotiate the price in any way. The car has only done 79,xxxkm in excellent condition. Please just PM to contact me.
  7. By the way, thats not a GTR bodykit man...The rear and side are nismo kits and the front is just a original stock bar.
  8. oh serious!? thanks heaps barney for the help~ so i guess its not the BOV after all... Ill go about replacing the intake pipe to an aftermarket silicon then. Cheers
  9. standard rubber air intake? Sorry but wats that? Everythings basically standard except K&N pod filter, EBC, BOV in the engine bay area. SO im assuming i do have the standard rubber air intake. If this could cause the issues ive described, could you please help me out in more sense to myself plz?
  10. omg~ doesn't sound very total to me... its sad how car values can go down dramatically cuz of some expensive minor repairs. 2G omfg! i'd buy it and sell the parts myself man~ the engine itself would already give me profit, then theres the turbo, trans, etc etc.
  11. thanks for the replies. If i block the BOV off completely, wouldn't i still need to give it a bit of pushing to wait for it to occur again? Cuz its very random. Im going to try put the stock one back on to see if it solves the issue. So everyone is just agreeing that it may very well be the BOV and can be nothing else such as the turbo? Cuz the pipes are all fine and connected. Should be no leak but then again, its a random thing so... I don't get iT?
  12. Now what i mean by 'spirited driving' is not really from traffic light to traffic light. With a mate on a rolling start ive pushed it and braked to start on a roll, over and over again. Then there was a point where i realised that i was losing power, getting BOV Flutter as if i have no BOV, and NO pod filter intake sound at all! The weird thing is, i only get this issue for about a minute, then it goes back to normal where i gain the power back, hear the bov properly and also hear the intake sound. If this was the first time, i would of thought i heard wrong, but this is the 2nd time it happened. THe first time was after abit of spirited driving in the same style as well. Ive got a HKS SSQV BOV, and im not sure if its real or fake cuz ive just bought it 2nd hand privately. Im thinking maybe it could be the BOV as i haven't had this issue before i put the HKS BOV on. But its been a long long while since ive put it on and i haven't noticed it so far till recently since i haven't really had much spirited driving or track since. What are the possibilities for this happening? - HKS SSQV BOV ( LEAK?) - My Stock TURBO? Need some help on this guys. Thanks alot for any input!
  13. Hey mate, how r ya? i saw u at chatswood for the GFB BOV. Yeah i have one which also sits too high and i was abit regretful at one stage but now i reckon it looks better that way lol
  14. any mods required of 'cutting' or 'removing anything' to fit this intercooler on? Besides ofcourse the cutting of the front bar.
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