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  1. IM A DREAMER AND PROUD OF IT! Selling my 32 GTST 2 door 4 13500. Look prob not worth that much but on carsales.com and this forum theres only 1 32 GTST 2 door 4 sale in WA! and thats mine:D Low demand high prices gees u gotta luv it!
  2. Thanks PappaDuck for all your help. I can rule out anything being loose now. The car has got pineapples. When I think about it more I think it is suspension related. The front end has to tendency to bottom out going over bumps and makes a loud bang noise. If i remember corrrectly it all seemed to change after one drifting eposide. Mates have told me the rear tyres look wobbly and it kinds feels likr that a bit aswell. I'll put it on a hoist and see if i can find something wrong with suspension.
  3. I have a R32 GTST with stock suspension. The car used to handle fine. It know seems to jump/hop side to side when going over very small bumps cruising at 110mk/hr. It feels very unstable and like you have no control. Someone told me maybe wheel bearings? Any ideas? cheers
  4. Need 2 steering boot covers, was told they are pretty universal. Anyone have a part numbers for the cheapest ones to buy and where from. To suit R32 GTST cheers
  5. nar sorry the ones i have have been heated and bent to suit other turbos
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