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  1. Will you be willing to ship to USA? Is there anything wrong with it?
  2. Seeing some people have had bad experiences with this shop does anyone know where i can fine me a decent RB30 bottom end to buy?
  3. Very cool. Appreciate you taking the time to look for it. Thanks again.
  4. Can anyone tell me where this shop is and how I can contact the owner? I live in NY, USA and I'm looking for some parts.
  5. Is this still for sale? Would you be willing to ship to USA?
  6. Will you be willing to ship NY?
  7. nuffboost

    Visti To Au

    Well I really just wanted to check out the car scene here. If you know of any of the local car spots/hang outs around the area maybe we can hook up. I'm staying at the Quest on Dorcas on 8 Dorcas Street. Tomorrow I'm renting a car so i can check out some shops. I can be reached at the following email which comes directly to my cell phone. craig.s@tce71.com Thanks. By the way what do you drive?
  8. nuffboost

    Visti To Au

    So I flew in today and I staying in South Melbourne, VIC. I would really like to see your shop. I was unable to find your business address on your webpage??
  9. nuffboost

    Visti To Au

    I've been a member for a short time but I have gained a lot from this forum. Thanks to STYLZ7 for working with me in getting some connectors for my Nismo r33 gauge cluster. I don't own a skyline but i have an RB25det in my 95 240sx. When you guys have a chance, check out our forum. http://www.importfanatix.com/ Some shots of my car. http://www.importfanatix.com/Forums/showthread.php?t=3799 Also I will visiting Melbourne, Au this coming Friday for two weeks. If anyone can suggest some performance shops in the area it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again for all the help. This is an awesome forum.
  10. Just wanted to introduce myself. I don't own a skyline but I do have an RB25DET II installed in a 95 240SX. Basically I'm trying to learn everything I can about these cars and this forum seems to be one of the best. Here is some pics of my car.
  11. Looking for the harness going to the gauge cluster, mainly the three connectors.
  12. Looking for the harness or (3) connectors.
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