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  1. oh i am co organiser now am i? i will hopefully drag a few ppl along

    Stolen: My S14

    sorry to hear will keep an eye out
  3. scan a copy of the letter for us i would wait for another letter, seems a bit strange, no fine but a court case

    Bus Lane

    30m it is marked on windsor road where there is a 24hr bus lane, unbroken line opens up 30m before the street on the left didn't think you could overtake in a bus lane
  5. so what days will ppl be attending? im thinking saturday?
  6. s15 is pewter has all the mods, prob running next wed, the GTR is getting tuned at the moment, hopefully that will run aswell prob heading in with a sti aswell
  7. i do have a s15 running it soon, the GTR is my mates
  8. the white GTR ran 11.7 still to be tuned up better some great 60footers
  9. i had a FMIC on my car and didnt get defected for it only got done for loud exhaust BOV and pod had to go to EPA for the sound testing thats when he sent me to the RTA for an emissions test. airflow issues etc and i think he saw my aftermarket computer just get a new cat, a detune, heat the cat up before the test, good petrol and you can pass easily, but more money spent to get it to that stage yeah penrith RTA is great, now if i get sent there again i can just use my old test and play around with it before i fax it off
  10. yeah the place is crap bouncers suck there will be a drive by there soon rather go to collector
  11. only 80 racing spots i think i read
  12. will go spectate we all know that nothing is open on good friday anyways
  13. isnt there an off street meeting on good friday i think you will get alot better response, but prob too many cars will attend i will see how my mods are going by then to see if i run, but could just be a spectator later on
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