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    building machines that will power on through the roughest times an come from behind to win!

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  1. yes car is currently running 440kw but needs more fuel for e85 and tuner recommended to run twin intank pumps
  2. yeah already checked the powertune setup qaulity is good but also looking for other options
  3. hi all, just wanting some opinions on fitting twin intank e85 pumps to an r32 gtr, has anyone done this? how did you do it? what size lines did you use, jhave you seen people running a bulkhead fitting fitted to the top of the sender or is there another way round this? thankyou all!
  4. heres another pic from drift attack!!
  5. ha ha na my cars different to jasons still 26 built in the mist of building a 27, mines got more aero than his! i do drive down south gippsland hwy a bit to goto work! check out more on my fb page facebook/rpowermotorsports.
  6. awesome well i'm in for sure and i'll try and bring a form with me too, cheers for the help
  7. ah ok, do i need to pay membership before i can enter or are you guys doing memberships on the day i can pay then?
  8. hi there, i got contacted by tony tran to come to the show and shine with my r33 gtr i can't access the page to enter is there any way of notifing someone to go? cheers, evan
  9. i'm in, haven't been cruising for a couple of years doing the parent thing but child now growin up so yay for me and the gtr!!!!!!!
  10. thanks for inquiries found seats cheers, evan
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