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  1. also im my opnion do a compression check... or pay to have an RAC pre purchase check done... so u know the car is okie dokie
  2. +1 alternator is dead... possible brushes need replacing.... batterys dont like being left discharged for long periods or deep cycle discharded often usually kills them
  3. check all coolant line turbo coolant heater hoses. mine had a leak in one of the coolant lines for the turbo, was confused where it all went.
  4. sweet so there is no difference... just the abs sensor collar for abs cars..... only asking coz there is a ABS diff available and i want to shim it up and put it in..... so for r33 the dimensions are the same abs-non abs no need for long tailshafts like the s-chassis
  5. so essentially there is no diffrence? only the half shafts are diff?..... so if i needed i could fit a ABS diff in my non abs car using my current non abs shafts?
  6. was there a turbo timer fitted?... possible short circuit int he install...
  7. try tko? my 33 was done 300 for the whole car? im pretty sure ....also lifetime warranty
  8. also u didnt happen to wash ur engine bay recently? water in the spark plug wells.... coincidently it took 2 days after i washed my engine before misfiring occured and only to find out it was water after a new set of coils had arrive ...Doh!
  9. google it, but u should be able to see liquid flow in there, if there are bubbles u need more gass or u see nothing then ur out of gas
  10. well first check if ur aircon system has gas... should be near the condensor has a sight glass and look in that while ur system is turned on..
  11. how much that usually go for? for my curiosity
  12. either way tunning is expensive to get it done correctly... i already have a POWER FC then im gonna source a wideband gauge + datalogit system and all that combined is abt 2K... then essentially after that its trial and error for me anyways
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