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  1. Apparently Jesse will be including the GTC wheel nuts with the rims. i just have to purchase the centre caps separately. Will probably go for 8.5+17 for fronts, pending wheel offset calculator findings Will post pics here when fitted Nice ride btw NVS24
  2. Yeh no worries will do. Was it you that mentioned ages ago that you needed to get longer wheel studs to fit your GTCs? My memory can be rubbish at times
  3. Ahh I see what what you mean. It's just the position of the "barrel" of the rim that changes....so basically, if I'm picturing it right, having a lower offset would then give more suspension clearance? As the barrel of the rim is positioned outward more? Or is that a rookie mistake? lol Your car's actually the inspiration for going with GTCs, looks bloody mint....don't worry, will be going a different colour Yeh the reason I used those offsets was because I thought I needed to....The next offset down is 8.5 +17, extra 13mm of dish (total 55mm) . The rears in B disk 9.5+24 already give 73mm of lip, which is plenty to keep me happy lol. Next one up is 9.5+12 and 86mm... Yeh that's what I thought too. The only reason I posted this was on the advice of Jesse. He got a reply back from RAYS stating that the GT-C Face 1 19x8.5J+28 (B disk) won't clear my brakes. I think this may be more to do with the spoke design (Face 1 is flat spokes, Face 2 is concave) and the fact that it was B disk, or they could've just made a calculation mistake, I don't know. Either way, rather get a few opinions first before blowing all that cash money. Oh and thanks for the info guys, much appreciated
  4. You drive on your fog lights??? Mine gives stuff all light.... Try taking the high beam bulbs out and chucking them in your lows. That should sort you out until you get the cash to fix em
  5. Hey guys Bit of a pickle here, I'm ordering some Volk GTCs for my r33 gtst series 2. Now the rears are finalised and will clear brakes (19*9.5+24) but for there's a bit of an issue wit getting the right offset for the fronts. I'm ordering through Jesse Streeter, and I got him to ask RAYS if 19*8.5+29 Face 2 (Disk A too, which is supposed to give more clearance) would clear my front brakes. Now they replied that they have never tested it, thus cannot guarantee that it will clear. I'm just wondering if this is just due to them being conservative, or if the offsets and spoke design are actually cutting it fine? The offsets don't seem rediculous for an r33 gtst (i had 8.5 +22 before) but it's making me wonder if it's got more to do with spoke design? Thanks guys Oh, also if anyone has a 33 with gtc's, feel free to post up pics and specs I only seen a handful on SAU, from my haphazard searching techniques
  6. I've got the Regu 06&R on my r33 GTST as well. It's the quietest exhaust I've ever heard. The size of the centre muffler is quite large, which may partly explain it. Although, in saying that, I've now got a custom mid-section (the centre muffler was taking a beating from speed humps/ other gradual undulations of terra firma) and it's still not cop-bait loud. Does scream up top though To boostn0199, have you noticed a difference inresponse/noise of any sort from your mod? Cheers
  7. The rev cut-off may just be the stock ecu in "safe mode" while not at optimum operating temp. With the jerkiness when coming off throttle, do you have an aftermarket bov? I felt the difference when switching from stock to aftermarket, the stock ones (correct me if I'm wrong someone) have a tiny hole to let air escape coming off throttle.
  8. Been wondering when anyone's going to ever make aftermarket headlights for 33s lol. I'm in on this for sure. Agreed with the 1 projector per headlight idea too, keeps the cost down and halogen is more practical with the existing high beam set-up on r33s (low beams turns off when high beams are activated).
  9. Got mine from CBC bearings. They were the cheapest I could find. Google them, they are based in welshpool from memory...
  10. Hi mate can you pm me with your bank account details? I'm after a set of the black ones in 12x1.25 (that's the nissan one yeh?). Not enough posts to pm sorry. Cheers
  11. If you're looking at a complete change a Kakimoto regu 06&R is really quiet and won't restrict flow. Pretty pricey though....maybe you could tell ur gf it's her early bday gift lol
  12. Received items. Fits well and looks heaps better than the worn boots I had Cheers
  13. Payment made. It's the R33 gear and handbrake boots. Can you PM me ur email add as i can't reply to ur PMs at the moment
  14. Room for 1 more? If so, I'm in. Can you please send pm?