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    wel i like burnouts, and bourbon and boobs... the 3 B's in life...

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  1. hey andrew.. lick my balls...hahahaha
  2. oh there is no feelin sorry... i love my car..
  3. i have no grudges anymore.. i know my car is slower than the rest.. lol so im keen too watch!!
  4. WTF??? doesnt anyone come here anymore???
  5. any1 need a pit crew?? let me know!
  6. lol..i told kurts mum too slow down in that thing..oh well...
  7. lol..@ kurto!! spinning is another word for... "cant drive"
  8. saw a super sweet red r31 sideways near peter kittle.. possibly end of last week.. also possibly start of the week aswell..lol
  9. hey lee boi.. thats funny shit.. i knew exactly who they were talkin about b4 the name was said!! lmao
  10. i got a big screen but ill be going adelaide sunday..
  11. jordan dont blame other people for your f**k ups... if you were drivin its your fault... street wars hey...hmm.. might have to borrow the inlaws ss instead of the line boys..lol
  12. im sensing some histility?? relax ya dick heads..chill out..and jordan... SHUT THE f**k UP.. ya talk shit but just remember who plowed their prelude into things..twice.. come out and have some fun and stop talkin shit bro.. relax!
  13. i ran a best of 16.7 but took home the trophy for quickest reaction time..woohoo
  14. jordan... by a line bro.. 300s are old man cars...lol
  15. lol.. turns out it wasnt him.. lol
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