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  1. Still interested, will also consider gunmetal. Black Edition would be a bonus ;-)
  2. I visited FTG Nissan a few weeks back, i must agree they have the best customer service of all the dealers. I am hoping to eventually do a deal on a black edition with them also. Congrats, looks amazing, its well deserved after your recent painful experience.
  3. My mate was curious so he rang Pickles. They expect it to go for 100-120g. I wont mention his reaction...
  4. Thanks Ali, ive been looking for a while. It will be my second biggest purchase $$$ so its gotta be the right one. So sad to read about your GTR, black editions are so rare. Wish you all the very best with your next purchase.
  5. Congrats on your purchase. My friend flew down to have a look at this car, said it looked amazing in red.
  6. Blue was released in 2011 so MY11 or newer. Must be in good condition, low mileage, preferably standard. My budget will be discussed with seller. Willing to travel and purchase from interstate.
  7. Midnight Opal R35s were released as a limited run but not to Australia. R34s in that colour would be your best bet. Definately a few here in Sydney, not sure about SA?
  8. Congrats on your purchase Mark. I saw your one get listed on carsales and immediately knew it wouldnt take long to sell. It looked pristine and well looked after in the photos with a reasonable price. I have been after a low km used one for a while now, in blue or gunmetal. A new MY13 or MY14 is sadly over my budget but how much better is an MY12 over an MY11? Im aware of the small improvements in performance and refinements just seeing if its worth the extra price and wait.
  9. The new gtr is MY14 here and MY15 in the US. It comes with revised headlights and tail lights and a new red (they have kept the old red also). For that price you were quoted i would wait for an MY14, i saw a few MY13 gtrs recently go for 162g from a dealer with only 2000km on them. I wouldnt waste your time with this dealer, they sound rude to me. As for finance not to sure on that one, but i think 6% is a great deal. Good luck!
  10. Thanks for posting, great video. I have always enjoyed the best motoring and hot version videos, very informative.
  11. Welcome, what year and colour do you have? I am in the market for one also after cruising in my mates one.
  12. Hi, could i please change to alpha35. Thanks very much!
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