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  1. Price drop to $12,990. Friend is needing an answer soon if I want to buy his car or not! LOL
  2. Lol oh damn, sorry I am in NSW, Sydney (2017). Not sure why I have NT on the topic! Anyone know how I can edit that?
  3. 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX - Matte Black - 280KW - $13,990 For sale is ONE OF A KIND Matte Black vinyl wrapped MY06 Subaru WRX!REGO: BKT15NSTATE: NSWTRANSMISSION: 5 SPEED MANUALODOMETER: 138,900PRICE: $13,990 VIN: JF1GDGKD36G048928REGO EXPIRY: APRIL 2017 CONTACT: 0423 392 011 or nissan200sx@gmail.comBACKGROUNDI've had this car for the last 3 years and has not missed a beat! I drive like a granny, guess that's what happens when you are in your 30s! :-)I live in Zetland, work in the city so I barely drive the car Monday to Fridays. The car is parked on the street, so it normally dirty (and sorta goes with the matte black look!) and I've done only 21,000km since I bought it 3 years ago. The car has 138,900km on the body and around 38,900km on the engine. Not encumbered, no accidents, and welcome any inspections. I've just had the pink slip done and rego is paid till April 2017.THE GOODThe previous owner was a WRC nut and built the car to suit his liking, he even put in a fully functional ROOF SCOOP (great for the hot days! or when you want to put the windows up and still have a breeze) and also makes this car quite unique to all the other WRX's on the market. It also comes with 18 inch gold Oz Racing wheels.THE BEAUTIFULWhen I bought it, I was told it had the following mods (I haven't added any mods over the last 3 years, I like driving, not so much into mods):MSR forged pistonsArgo rodsMSR ported heads264 Kelford camsEL headersCusco Rear diffBlouch 2.5 XTR TurboAir-to-Water cooledPioneer Head unit with bluetooth & MP3 (FHX755BT)Comes with Tactrix dongle and OBD Bluetooth adaptor so you can connect to your phone using OBDII.Three gauges on the dashBoost gaugeI have been told it's producing around 280kw at the wheels, however I've never tested the limits, never tracked the car so I would have no idea if it it's that high or not. Given the mods, it was surprisingly economical on fuel. I do about 350km from 45L of fuel, not bad for city driving!You do get the odd looks from people on the street, however I have never been pulled over in 3 years and everything looks stock standard including the engine bay. A real sleeper THE UGLYA few things to note if you want to view the car (I rather you know now than not!):- Not sure if Air-con is working or not, previous owner said it needed to be re-gassed and I've just lived without it.- No radio - due to the Matte Black vinyl wrap.- Window tint on the rear window is starting to bubble up.- The plastic near the Subaru badge has a small dent, I think it was from a twig on a windy day!! lolTHE PRICEI've priced the car to sell, don't miss out if you are interested! You can call or SMS and feel free to throw in some offers. For any low offers, I'll just laugh and ignore it but thumbs up for the entertainment value THE REASONIf I sell the car, I am looking to buy my friend's car that's newer, but I will miss the beastliness/rawness of this car
  4. I am not too sure what size it is ..however, boost starts building up around 3,000rpm if that gives any indication..
  5. Looking for a bigger downgrade than that! not really looking for swaps at the moment!
  6. Yeh, only 5 months ago Don't use it much and going for a bit of a down grade for the time being!
  7. I got a GT3540 running 14psi on rb25det, boost starts building up around 3000rpm and full boost around 4500-5000rpm lol, I think, I don't pay much attention to the boost controller.
  8. While driving yesterday and made a note to my RPM and speedo... 2000rpm around 55-56km/hr using 235/45 tyres front and rear.
  9. Hi guys, Sorry to hi-jack the thread, but I too have been thinking of getting something like the HKS GT-RS or 2835 ProS...for more response, 99% driven on the streets! Mods on my car currently: Stock internals GT35/40 Injectors Fuel Regulator External wastegate High mount manifolds Front mount Z32 Turbosmart EBC Apexi PFC Custom plenum As you can see it pretty much has all the bells and whistles, I am pretty sure the Gt35/40 has a T3 flange? Would the GT-RS be a direct take off current turbo and fit directly onto the manifold??? Do I even need the kit? or can I just get the turbo and nothing else, as everything should be already there? Sorry for the newb questions! lol Thanks
  10. I just got around to going back to Bel this week, so I decided to get my AFR! Is that graph okay?
  11. I will be going to this...cuz my friend is going and I live pretty close to it. If your there come say Hi
  12. Anfo - Thanks mate, yeh Villawood is not too far away! Thought I dont go that way much other than the Drive-In movies at Bass Hill! Yeh, I've got an alarm, and it's got a nice immoboliser as well, and of course insurance, I wouldn't buy a turbo car without insurance esp, with the number of stolen vehicles! Wilch - Hmm, those are all I've got, I might need to give them a call and ask about the AFR... Yeh, pretty laggy, but for street driving I guess it's alright, its not like I need to rip it every 10 seconds! .. but I might go for a smaller turbo somewhere down the track!?! to get better response! Cam gear would be another option on my mind! , if I get cam gear do I need to get new cams too?
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