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  1. A little bit.. 1st session for the outline took 2 hours which hurt a fair bit especially on my ribs then the other 3 sessions were only an hour. Last session was the top part which I thought was gonna hurt like hell again but I couldn't feel it.. I was more relaxed I think cause I knew it was gonna be finished
  2. lol yeah but i'm short so it's not really that big!
  3. Yes well that's probably cause I didn't show you all of it haha reckon it looks good?
  4. WOW long time no speak everyone! My 2nd tattoo is finally finished, thank god
  5. Not quite sure I'll make 200.. I'll give it a go LOL See you all there hopefully! p.s are we meeting before hand or just meeting in Chaddy?
  6. I vote Sunday cause I have to work on Monday Just quietly though... I'm quite good at Bowling! LOL
  7. I think my Excel would blow up if I even attempted to put it on the Drag strip LOL
  8. Meeting is tomorrow everyone...
  9. Jamie! Good to catch up with you cause it's been a fair while Loz didn't go anywhere exciting actually... Great to meet you as well Charli, might see you again soon!
  10. Oh I didn't know who it was.. Who owns it??
  11. Spotted JDR33M at Southland on Sunday night
  12. I will most likely be there...
  13. Spotted R34PER last night on Toorak Rd... very nice looking 34!!
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