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  1. Can somebody please check this vin?6U9000BNR32301492 Should be a Black 1993 R32 GTR V Spec 1. Cheers
  2. If you can post the airbox to sydney, PM me. Cheers
  3. Oh yeah, I remember reading about it, that was crazy.. The most recent crash similar to this from memory were the guys that somehow obliterated their car on Epping Road. On a side note (unrelated), i've been hitting the forums/gumtree for a daily, and i've noticed alot of p-platers selling their fast non-turbo cars to buy turbocharged cars since the revised laws came into effect. There seems to be strong demand for sr20's, although all are modified these days. Does anybody see this as a bad thing?
  4. They probably cant be bothered parting out the whole car just to give you the shell. Do any wreckers even have a complete shell for sale? you may be better off looking on the forums and facebook to see if somebody eventually comes along. I would think that an R34 GTR shell would be hard to come by?
  5. Its good to hear that nobody died. Norwest Blvd is right next to my house. The now standard P-Plate laws came into effect after a p plater driving an STI crashed and killed himself and his friend on the same stretch of road, and the speed limit was reduced from 80 to 70. The road seems straight, but looks to be deadly.
  6. dibs on the door trims please (if parted and in good nick)
  7. The gauges look like HKS, i had another one in my car that was broken (ancient).
  8. If Terry and Damien pass these up, I'm next in line. Cheers.
  9. Hi all, Im in Sydney NSW. I'll pay decent money for a passenger side door trim in excellent condition. PM me or post here if you have any, and please send some good quality pics. If necessary, i will buy in a pair. Regards J
  10. Hey nitros, do you have an ETA for an end date on this? If this is going to take a month or two then this months' pay will be better spent elsewhere!!!
  11. I sussed the items out, links below for pics. http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-seller/Jez/1004739233 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/campbelltown/engine-engine-parts-transmission/r32-skyline-l-e-d-tailights-brand-new/1049831156 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/campbelltown/other-parts-accessories/r32-gtr-sard-fuel-delivery-rail-rb26/1049829405
  12. I want the front seats, but im in sydney NSW Do you have the door trims?
  13. Hey Jezza, you have a pic of the drivers side, but not the passengers? Do you also have the little trim pieces that go around the gearknob?