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  1. Hi Guys, It's finally happened, after 20 years the MFD screen has died. - after start up screen turned on, then faded/dimmed, then went completely black after a few minutes - took MFD apart, found the fuse has blown, replaced fuse (with 15.8mm x 4.8mm 1.5A, fast blow) - reconnected to test, screen turned on like new nice and bright - after 3 minutes, screen faded/dimmed again (like it's on 3-5% brightness) - took it apart again, fuse intact (did not blow), what could it be???
  2. I daily my GTR, can't drive anything else. Feels to slow/boring.
  3. Title says it all, just letting you guys know. Nice weather for a minor service, at this price can't go wrong.
  4. Just letting you guys know Repco has Castrol Edge Titanium 5W-40 5liters on sale for $35ea from 6-19/11/14. I just bought 3 bottles, at $35ea this is the only time it's worth it.
  5. Thanks for advice guys, appreciate how helpful SAU members are. 1st checked fuse, swapped them over and test, RS Assembly worked for both fuses:Fuse All Good 2nd checked globes, had to remove washer bottle and problem found both globes blown... lucky its a easy fix Think I'll change RH Side as well, while I'm at it. BNR34 HID Globes (Phillips D2R 35W 85126) Autobahn making a killing at $200 each. In US average US$35.00 each (Amazon & other headlight dealers), why such a difference or are they fake?
  6. Hi Guys, Two days ago I was stopped at a red light behind a white van and reliased that my head lights reflection were a different colour. So when I got home I checked and you can clearly see one side is brighter then the other. Last night checked again but now the less bright side doesn't turn on at all. Like there's no power to the whole head light assembly. Summary: - Right side assembly everything works and turns on. - Left side no lights work at all, driving & parkers doesn't turn on - High beam works on both sides What do you think the problem is? electrical/fuse/wiring somewhere? what should I check?
  7. Guys this is serious not only that it will be added to his record as a criminal offence, it will add to his credit rating for non-payment (if not payed by due date). He might even get black listed and won't be able to get any financial loans in the future.
  8. GD2ILA

    Mekugi Pins

    Hi Guys/Gals, Does anyone know where i can get Mekugi pins (mekugi pins = bamboo that holds the tang into the handle)? i've been to Bunnings and they only have wood dowel, i really don't want to import it from overseas. There must be somewhere in Melbourne that sells bamboo dowel. if you know a place please let me know, thanks.
  9. My tires have lasted me so far about 18,000km, still has at least 40% meat left, my tires are: Size: 275/30/19 Brand: Kumho KU19 Tread wear rating: 300 (hard compound) plus i rotate at every oil change and pump up my tires (40psi) every fortnight. My wheel alignment specs is the factory settings. I drive like a granny so i guess that's why it has lasted so long. So to get more life out of your tires maybe try: - wheel alignment - check tire pressure - drive like a granny - get tires with a higher tread wear rating
  10. Pic of import model Jerri Lee, car was washed and polished all it took was 15mins of rain to make it dirty again.
  11. GD2ILA

    Spotted Thread

    yep after freeway just before ftg road, next to petrol station on corner. owner watches it like a hawk as soon as i pulled up next to it he came out to talk to me. nice guy and down to earth, not arrogant at all.
  12. GD2ILA

    Spotted Thread

    Spotted to GTR's on Blackburn Road, i love the new blue of the R35 GTR it's dark but has a gorgeous light blue metallic glow in the sun light.
  13. to op, my story: for the last 1 to 1.5 years i've been getting around 280 to 320km a full tank (60 liters) so thats's 18.75 liters/100km, i've just changed my fuel filter and now i'm getting 390-440km a tank (so i've wasted so much fuel this last year because of a dirty $20 fuel filter). Just from changing my fuel filter my economy is from 18.75 liters/100km to now 13.63 liters/100km. so if you haven't try changing your fuel filter and see how that goes. good luck.
  14. i don't know if there is another setting for track, but this is what Nissan Japan sent me. R34 alignment.pdf
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