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  1. Yes any steel turbo from a twin setup. N1 turbo would be great. hoping someone has blown a GTSS turbo and have one good one sitting around. thanks.
  2. Hi Guys, Looking for an RB26 turbo. Preferably a single from a twin setup as i only need one. I'm running a stock RB26 turbo (single) on my 1 Litre mini motor and need to replace with a turbo without ceramic wheel. Stock ceramic turbo not needed. Brad_minigt@hotmail.com Thanks..
  3. Hi guys, im after a few parts for my rb26 GTR turbo im putting on my mini. I have the turbo and manifold all made up but I need all the gaskets (i think there are 4), oil drain, inlet side bolt on snout for the air filter and if anyone has a dump flange sitting around would come in very handy. Any help much appreciated. Im in sydney, willing to pay for shipping if out of state. cheers, brad.
  4. Are you sure? as i have a t25 here with a different flange then this gtr t28. Im after the dump pipe flange not the exhaust inlet flange which is the same as a t2. cheers.
  5. Hi guys, i am putting a gtr t28 turbo on a little daihatsu 1L twincam, its going in an old mini and need to make up a dump pipe for it, does anyone know where you can get a dump flange for it? i have been told there different then other T2-t25-t28 type turbo's. Thanks.
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