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  1. Might be a long shot but would you happen to still have the rear 4.375 gears you mentioned above?
  2. Are there still spots remaining? Hoping to have the car running again by Sunday, if so I'll book asap!
  3. Will be interesting to see how fast you are compared to the skyline. Still have all the creature comforts like air con and a radio? Have to figure out how to recce the whole event on Fri, Saturday and Sunday afternoon while still getting the car past scruit and going to drivers briefing. Looked at hiring a gti golf but only allowed 400km per hire.. looks like 1800km in the patrol in 3 days
  4. 747, big and heavy. At least it can fly. Diffs swapped. I really should loose this alsd crap and put a mechanical in there.
  5. Yeah they will be quite heavy. Probably fine in the wet just slower and heavier tyre wear everywhere else. How does it feel to drive after the skyline? Less driver input needed? Went to bleed the alsd this afternoon and the bleed nipple on top snapped off... Have since picked up a very fresh looking asld to put back in. Good thing it's a long weekend.
  6. Looking good Ben! I'm sure you'll smash the 35s in gt4. Should be easy to drive in the wet. Kind hoping we get a wet day somewhere to mix it up (and so my tyres can last). I'm almost ready to go, only a few small jobs left then on the boat in two weeks. Don't know how I feel about the new car number 747.
  7. They do heat up quite quickly when current is drawn. Problem is in this size/capacity by the time they are heated up they are pretty much flat. On a big scale like the leaf and Tesla it probably isn't an issue.
  8. I've been running a ballistics evo2 16 cell for the last 2 and a bit years. Claimed 500cca and around 1.3kg. As Ben mentioned they hate the cold. Won't stay the car below 2 deg without the help of a jumper pack. Am going to replace this before tt next year but the crap aus $ makes them v expensive. Have found a local supplier for antigravity batteries who make one in a similar spec. May try this. Have also tosser up the idea of running a second one as backup with a switch between the two, just in case one failed mid event.
  9. Cracked our second fuel cell 30 mins into the race this morning so had to put a stock tank back in from the parts car. Lost around an hour for the tank change and pump rewire.
  10. Where are you located Josh? Does this have the standard hinge mounts on the inside?
  11. 2.5 litres of RB25DE love
  12. Damn that looks loose!!! Maybe if you pay Eastern Creek track day prices they turn a blind eye to safety.
  13. SAU Nickname: Bazil_1 Car Make and Model: Nissan R33 GTR Circuit Name: Wakefield Lap time: 1.05.329 (faster than the fatz and Mick above)(Natsoft) Modifications: forged pistons, n1 turbos, e85 Engine: RB26 Power: 350kw on 23psi Suspension: MCA Gold Tyres: Yoko A050 medium 265/35/18 that I drove there on Brakes: 6 piston APs on 343mm rotors upfront and 4 piston APs on 330mm discs out back Body weight: 1590kg with driver
  14. That looks good!! I'll have to see how money is going next month. Very keen if I can afford and fit it in.
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