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  1. I'll take the door handles + surrounds if still available and you'll post to Melbourne.

  2. To save potential buyers some time, below is a photo you sent me of the clutch you're trying to sell in your other for sale thread, which is also happens to be for an 'OS Giken' twin plate clutch, here: http://www.sau.com.au/forums/topic/462553-fs-os-giken-twin-plate-clutch-r32-rb26/ Is this the same clutch or do you have another one your now selling ? If this thread is for a completely different clutch, please post up photos for all to see (and more than just one).
  3. I'd be interested in the rest (blue covers) assuming a price can be worked out.
  4. This is the clue. More than likely you have oil coming out the diff breather, which is at the top of the diff cover. It's not uncommon during hard cornering/breaking, etc. If the oil smells strongly of sulphur, it's from the diff. Best thing to do would be to degrease the entire area, drive the car normally and see if the oil reappears.
  5. New blocks from Nissan have no engine number. The engine may have been rebuilt with a new block at some stage - possibly for race car use only - and the engine number from the original block never re-stamped. If your concerned, just make sure you get a receipt with the sellers full contact details (inc drivers licence number) so that you can show traceability.
  6. Your PM isn't working. Sent you an SMS re: coil packs and I/C pipes.
  7. Greg - I understand that the 30+ year requirement HAS made into the new scheme, but details have yet to be announced. In fact, details are very scant at the moment as (as usual) Vicroads is running late with getting this thing up and running. It was all supposed to be in place by the October/November 2010. For anyone interested the original discussion paper sent out to clubs is here: http://www.aomc.asn.au/publications/Vic%20Car%20Club%20Brochure_WEB.pdf The 30+ year change is outlined in that doc. Essentially, from Feb 2011 the new scheme will be in place, log books+stickers issued, etc - although it's still not clear whether they're going to issue these to everyone in Feb, or at the time of reg renewal. From Feb 2011 to Feb 2016 the old 25+ age rule will apply, but after that the age will be lifted to 30+. The 5 year delay is to allow some grace to those people that might be building or restoring cars (fair enough....). In the very early stages of discussions over these proposed changes it was suggested that the age also be lifted by one year for each calendar year after the scheme's introduction - but that hasn't made into the new scheme as far as I can find out.......yet. It's worth noting that these are regulations, which don't require new legislation to implement but only the Ministers approval to Vicroads. So expect some 'fine tuning' in the future. For those with modified cars thinking of using the new scheme, it might be harder or at least more expensive than you think. Word is that anything outside the street rod definition will require VASS inspection and sign-off before Vicroads will consider. Anyway, I think the new scheme is a good thing....and I'll still be allowed to get my '89 GTR onto it (unless they change things again......).
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