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    was the douche part aimed at me? you obviously didn't intend to slip the wheels and you're not a tool like R33 gangster
  2. ability will supply new windscreen with inbuilt antenna for about $340 fitted
  3. I'm really sorry to hear about your GTR buts it's good that you're OK. I know what your going through. Try import monster for some of the harder parts. I got alot of parts for my old car through them it takes a while for them to get here though unless you want to pay the extra for air frieght. Hope you get it goin again soon
  4. wombat_1988


    I agree with everyone here. we don't need redneck loser's like gangster on this forum or disgracing the skyline's reputation. they are a brilliant car that should be enjoyed for what they are. as for some of the comments from that idiot, my GTR was capable of over 300awkw and i didn't slip the tyres or slide everywhere i went, sure i could have with ease but whats the point? it's a waste of tyres and a sure fire way to loose your car and license. and this is directed straight at you gangster if i ever see you doing something stupid or dangerous i wont hesitate to notify the police (my brother is a cop by the way) so they can come and take your car off you and your license so there will be one less dick on the road
  5. i agree put the 26/30 in the gtr with a t51r spl or a pair of gt35/40s. it'd be unbeatable.
  6. i'm open to offers guys. need to sell this car
  7. 138000ks on the caronly done 6000ks in the last 2 years. i would guess that the bottom end would be at about 20000 or so. still got good oil pressure and no noise and doesn't use any oil.
  8. hasn't been on dyno since been in country. will run up to 18psi happily, was told 24psi after a tune
  9. I'd be keen, gotta give GTR another run before i sell it
  10. spotted white R34 GTT heading towards Smithton just after 4
  11. i have a pair of brand new 1 piece N1 side skirts from JSAI for $180
  12. still for sale and will have fresh rego soon
  13. The car will have a fresh set of pads after this weekend
  14. Hi all. i need both the passenger door side and the drivers door side power window switches, have cash waiting
  15. nah sorry all work was done in japan by black line garage, previous owner didn't hand over most of the paperwork
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