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  1. I mounted my unit with 3D printed brackets and a printed Bezel. If anyone wants the files https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3936372
  2. Ok moving some bits out of the way I found it.
  3. My Xanavi has finally died. So I have bought the parts needed and the cable from japan but I am not sure what the "controller" looks like. My car is 1998 Series 1 WGNC34 25tX Four and I have the 2 plugs that match up with the Japanese harness but no 3rd. I pulled apart the bottom of the dash... but before I remove the instrument cluster... would this be the "controller" I am looking for? This was below the Xanavi area right down behind the cigarette lighter. I didn't see it at first and it wan't till I pulled it out I could see the Xanavi on the side but having the word "Relay" through me. The plug is not the same. As far as I can feel the wires seem to just go towards the fuse box and no other unit I can see. Antony
  4. I have sourced a Turbo. Is there a way to mark this thread as sorted?
  5. Sean, I might have one from another source. If it falls though, where abouts are you roughly and how much would you want? Antony
  6. Has anyone in Brisbane or close got a Standard RB25DET Turbo for sale that is in good nic. I have a '98 Series 1 Stagea and lost the turbo recently and need to get this back on the road asap. Thanks Antony
  7. This thread is old but I will post with a question my problem. S1 Stagea with a Mongoose M60 alarm. When it was installed something like 6 years ago the installer didn't/couldn't work out how to install it with the decaying interior lights. So when I close the door I have to wait the 30sec or so before alarming otherwise I get the "your door is open" chirps... which is fine just annoying but as I don't drive the car much I havn't bothered to fix it. Can someone tell me how to fix it or do I need a "profesional" installer? I'm in Brisbane Samford area.
  8. ant0ny

    Stagea Parts List

    For those keeping the first post uptodate. Nissan Stagea S1 Auto Replacement Radiator from Natrad Part Number: NIS 039 PACAIL (paid $350inc.) Nissan Genuine RB25 Thermostat 76.5deg Part Number: 21200-42L06 (paid $59.95inc.) Radiator was exactly the same as the original one just missing the "NISSAN" molded into the top.
  9. FYI problem sorted a while back. As far as I can work out... when the gearbox was changed last year by myself I of course had to re-bleed the Attesa pump system... I f**ked up and used the wrong oil which mixed with the existing oil and eventually worked it's way closser to the actuator... with it being thicker oil (we think diff oil) it would hold the 4wd on for some time after. Replaced all the oil with the right stuff and it is perfect again. Lesson: don't put oils in unmaked containers and work in the dark and unsatisfactory work shop or my case the shed floor.
  10. As above... if anyone in Brisbane has a S1 Automatic Radiator in good condition please PM me with a price. I stated S1 not knowing if a S2 or Skyline would fit... if it is the case other's fit please also PM me.
  11. Last weekend I fitted R32 GTR D/Side Front drive shaft to my S1 and drive 1500kms driving towing a trailer.
  12. ant0ny

    Turbo Screwed

    These guys are way beyond general machanics they usually only do race cars or enthusiest cars... they dont do water pumps and tie rod ends they fit after market computers and tune high powered machines and generally fix the probelms other machanics scratch their head at. Father and son team with more knowlege than anyone you will ever meet. I put the website there to give an idea, as understated as it is. If you where rocking up with a Falcon I would not suggest them but given it is a Stagea and a Nissan they may help you out... I bought my Stagea from them. If you go... ask Brendon to take you for a run in the R33 with the Infinity V8... I havn't seen it since before he got it going but hear it's a weapon.
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