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  1. With bubs number two on the way it is (sadly) time to let go of my beloved Skyline. 1994 R33 GTS25T Charcoal Grey, Automatic. Has some paint oxidisation on roof. Full 12 moths rego till Dec 2007. 157000kms No accidents, has been mine for years, no racing, no ricing... The pictures show plates BRI-11E however they are my plates and no longer on the car, now sporting yellow/black NSW plates AM56RZ Has sunroof, central locking, immoboliser fitted, pioneer CD player (nothing fancy), power windows, aircon. Baby seat not included... $9000 ONO Please text me if you are interested and I will give you a call. Brie 0408977355 brie@benzilla.com.au
  2. He said southbound... he leaves from Newcastle nightly but I haven't had a chance to see him for further info.
  3. Just a quick bit of feedback... one of the drivers (professional truck driver) who works for me commented he had seen a 'bunch of skyline drivers' cruising down the F3 not so long ago.... Very well behaved and courteous on the road. Thats it, always nice to hear random positive comments about the group and thought I would share it. Cheers, Brie
  4. Sorry for the late reply... will be there on the day pretty early, having (the not so little anymore) Ben with me is restricting as to what I can assist with but I'm sure we can sell raffle tickets or something although I loathe selling them... but we may as well use the power of a chubby smiling baby to make money I say! Will liaise with Carlo closer to the day
  5. Congrats to you both... many happy and healthy years together
  6. hehe funnily enough I find him to be quite cute myself I'll think about bringing him!
  7. Alice is full of some amazing people from quite interesting backgrounds... most of the peeps we met up with were in town for work reasons for a couple of months... Bo's Tavern is the only happening place in town from what I remember and is broadcast live on the web so we can watch your every move hehe plus it's a great place to save some money cause you have limited opportunity to spend your cash!
  8. wow you'll be working in Alice! I have a few good friends there if you don't know many people, great to hang out with. My brother and I have been eager to get back to the NT but have been waiting till Ben is a little older as we will be driving. Have you considered taking the Ghan up there and buying a runaround car on arrival, you can get cheap cars around the place.... I didn't see too many main street cruises whilst in Alice but then it depends if you want the skyline up there... Petrol is available everywhere, but can be really expensive at the more remote locations.... at Kings Canyon I remember we paid around 1.26c/lt
  9. I haven't done the drive up there but have driven the NT itself (flew to Darwin)... not too sure about taking my skyline up there.... or are you just looking at Darwin?
  10. stupid but still a tragedy.... gotta feel for his family
  11. ahhhh thanks guys... it'll just be me, baby free will let you know
  12. I'm giving serious thought to joining you guys... but am assisting in the house moving on Sat so will let you know ...anyone got room for me in their car?
  13. Tim you looked like you had a fantastic day anyways.... couldn't wipe that grin off your face.... and the track had plenty of room for everyone which was great
  14. much offence taken I thought you could strap the baby seat in to your new car and take Ben for a cruise! but on a serious note, no, I will not be driving... just watching... be sure to come over and say hello people
  15. I'll be there with Ben to check out Tim's new weapon...
  16. bri33sta


    what are your qualifications guys?
  17. Tosh am I now the western area co-ordinator eh I'll see what the lads are up to... but I have a feeling Dave is working Saturday...
  18. hehe lads, had a great night out... great to meet you all
  19. I have an r33 as my family sedan... great car, the power compared to my celica took a bit to get used to but was fine after a few late night cruises.... my brother is 6"7 and can get into my car relatively easy... ...are you prepared to have all the men in the area try and pick her up? you know how these lot feel about women in imports
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