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  1. hey mate, do you still have rear sway bar and//or front calipers.? if so how much you after.? cheers - Mitch
  2. hey dude have you still got the t517z's.? very interested - PM me
  3. i have a stock catback for sale where you located.?
  4. they are generic but depending if you have a 4, 6 or rotor will depend on what wire you need to cut when installing
  5. Brand new never been used head studs for your sexy RB. i have just recently bought them last week to go with my 26 rebuild which has just been put on the back shelf for a while, hence the reason for sale. item located in Launceston, Tasmania...can post them at buyers expense if need be. $500
  6. www.bensonmotorsports.com or message Stuart on here, his user name is; t01-100 he will sort you out
  7. if you get the chance drop into pro automotive in moonah and ask andrew to have a look - it will take 15 mins of your day and he will give it to you straight, no bullshit and then there wont be anymore guessing and wondering about it - he will tell you whats wrong and what needs to be done from here to get it peaking again
  8. http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/Ga...81#entry4164881
  9. got a rb20 - no box sorry. engine comes with inlet and exhaust manifolds, injectors. its missing turbo, alternator and coil packs. located in launceston
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