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  1. Barhoom

    Great shots, love the wheels on the gtr
  2. Barhoom

    nice photos
  3. Barhoom

  4. Barhoom

    cheers mate but i dont like to photoshop the photos . i like them how they are
  5. yes 60mm and ill sell the whole set Abrahem
  6. Item: Full set of Defi gauges Turbo, Oil Temp, Water Temp, EXU TEMP, OIL PRES and FUEL PRES with the controller Condition: Perfect Price: $1500 Location: Gold Coast Contact: PM and ill give you the number
  7. Barhoom

    come on guys whats wrong ,,,,, if you wana know more about this car get the latest ignition DVD!!
  8. Barhoom

    cheers mate ,,,,
  9. Barhoom

    Nikon D200 and using this lens all the time Abrahem
  10. Barhoom

    mode P and low ISO ?
  11. Barhoom

  12. Barhoom

    will update everyday
  13. Barhoom

    its not V-Spec !!!!