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  1. While I love having a dark mode, it seems really inconsistent, making some areas extremely hard to read or just look off. It seems to be mainly ok when browsing the forums, but when viewing an actual thread things take a bit of a turn. Example 1: Creating the title for this thread, The text is invisible unless you select it. Example 2: The user menu at the top is incredibly hard to read on the edge of my crappy TN panel. Might be easier with a monitor that doesn't colour shift so easily. Example 3a: Inconsistencies between viewing an actual thread and browsing the list of threads. Browsing the list of threads: (looks ok, bar maybe the mark read / sort by buttons) Looking at an actual thread: (grey title background turns black, buttons turn black, page selector turns black becoming virtually unreadable) Example 3b: The ads at the bottom of the page display fine while browsing the forums, but turn into big white odd sized boxes while viewing an actual thread. Browsing the list of threads: (looks fine) Looking at an actual thread: (looking not so fine)
  2. Well, I saw this pop up in the activity feed. I thought the site had just been dead for the last week. lol Could see a bunch of "xxx liked this post" etc., but no new posts
  3. My speedo decided to shit itself like an hour before I was due to take the car for a roadworthy. Lost that spring in the rush and ended up ripping a spring out of a lighter in my panic and just making it work. Only needed it to last an hour or so, but fast forward a few years later and it's still working, so I haven't touched it. bahaha
  4. When I was still in WA I got hyperdrive to do the neo swap on my r32. Shame I'm not still there, yet to find another workshop like em. He certainly knows the old nissans inside out. 10/10.
  5. Thanks all for all the help, I have most of the main pieces of the puzzle ready to go now. ATR45SAT-BB (thanks Tao, she's a little cutie), 1000cc injectors, 460l pump, HPX-N1 maf, Nistunes off getting updated to feature pack 2.1 + having the flex fuel gear installed. Only hard bit now is the intake piping, which I'm hoping I can just get fabricated by whoever installs it to make life nice and easy. Save me doing bits, towing it to a fabricator, then towing it to a tuner etc. if possible. On that note, Any recommendations for an installer/tuner in QLD?
  6. Thank you both for the help, much appreciated. ❤️ Just to be sure, this is the one to get?
  7. I'm in a similar situation as dyl33. Looking to squeeze what I can out of a stock 25det neo, while retaining the air box/blitz return flow cooler to keep things looking stock under the bonnet and maintain as much response as possible for a daily driver. Few quick questions before I go placing an order, just so I have an idea what I'm in for... What is required fabrication wise for an ATR45SAT + Ball bearing upgrade? Is it a straight bolt up, and can I keep my existing HKS 3" dump?, or should I grab the dump pipe you offer with the turbo as well? As far as other supporting mods go, I currently just have a Nistune ecu, bigger fuel pump and 3" exhaust system. Would ID1000 injectors / Z32 AFM be a good match while leaving headroom for later if I decide to go e85/ditch the return flow etc? or are there more modern alternatives?
  8. Yeah. I killed the old rb20 hitting a flooded bit of road, then the car just sat for about 7 years before I decided to resurrect it... Guessing the intercooler was full of water for quite a while. Surprised she could breathe at all!
  9. Oh. Here's a shot of just how f**ked my old intercooler was internally. I've never seen anything quite like it! High resolution link if you really want to be disgusted... http://i.imgur.com/mC4BhVy.png
  10. Just as an update to the thread I ended up going with a blitz return flow for now. Also put new shocks and king spring lows on the old girl. Engine bay still looks stock, return flow pipe sits damn near in line with the front bar and so far so good height wise. Here's a couple of pics I could find. Car was filthy from sitting at work and had a flat front left tyre in the finished shot, but you get the idea. No cutting of the REO was necessary either, just a trim of the front bar and relocating the horns slightly. I might have to hit you up soon Scotty if you're still in business for some 1000cc injectors and an induction pipe (Mines sucking shut) before I get her tuned. Already got the nistune board installed, just gotta find a good tuner in qld.
  11. hmm, thinking about buying another car for a daily so I can give my R32 some proper attention... Much work needed to do on it for road worthy? Also what's fuel economy like? Auto would be so nice for the drive home from work in stop start traffic edit: also how many kms on the clock?
  12. This has given me some good food for thought. I like having my ride at a good height so I don't have to worry about hitting concrete stops in parking lots etc. Might have to chat with an engineer and see if I should cut a hole under the battery and get it reinforced for a normal intercooler or get some custom pipes fabricated to run the return flow behind the intercooler. Probably going to have to get it re engineered since moving from WA to QLD anyway so might be worth looking into and getting it all done at once.
  13. Thanks all for the replies, Looks like the first step is hunting down a gtr front bar + reo then. I'll look up your thread Ryno and check it out. I'm eventually aiming for around 300rwkw, depending how responsive I can get it.
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