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  1. Do you know the approx cost of a stroker kit or a cam upgrade would be?
  2. Hi guys, My Car is soon going in to get fixed, it seems I have a lifted or possibly a cracked head Any recommendations to increase performance while the engine is apart? Thanks, Wycky
  3. That sounds good. Ill check with him about the pressure test. Ill send you a pm with my details.
  4. My mechanic says its the head, and he has bled it a quite few times. About a year ago my car over heated due to the thermostat playing up and it split my radiator, I have replaced the thermostat and radiator but ever since the car would sometime over heat a little ( i didn't drive much had a company car at the time) but now I am driving it all the time it is getting much worse. So I am assuming that when it overheated the first time the head cracked.... How much would you like for the head? send me a pm if you like, I am going to need 2 because we don't know which head is cracked.
  5. Hi guys, I have had some overheating problems with my car, looks like it is a cracked head. Anyone have any suggestions where I can purchase a new head from ? I have looked at http://www.infinitipartsusa.com does any know if the heads for the 03 G35 will suite my 02 V35? Link Here Thanks! Wycky
  6. I wonder if this could be a common problem with the V35.???/ When i first notice the problem, i had approx 63,000km on the clock
  7. I'm Hoping I had a quote to Import A Skyline one for approx $800, which seems to expensive.
  8. I guess I'm to late to order, but can you please let me know where to order from, im due for a service soon. thanks!!
  9. Hi guys, wanted to see if someone can help me. My car as been overheating and i took it to my Mechanic. He showed me that the Radiator fan is spinning slow (can stop it with his hand) and is a bit loose. He told me the clutch in the Radiator fan is no good and needs to be replaced. Dose anyone know if this would be the same as the Clutch in the 350z or Maxima? and has anyone else had this problem?? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, Dose anyone know anyone who will do LPG conversion on the Skyline? or has anyone done one?? I called 5 places in Sydney and no one would touch it, expect for 1 guy and he said the cost would bee approx $5000. The way petrol price's are going i think it may be the way to go. What do you guys think????
  11. HI Steve, I don't know if you should be worried, but mine has no rust.
  12. ahhh ok, i understand Is it a hard job?? also is it Audio and Video? and when you can please provide me with that price. Thanks Chris.
  13. Thanks Chris, The AV lead, can i purchase that in Sydney?, or is it something you have custom made yourself?, if so can you please PM a price including delivery to Sydney. Im not sure what you mean when you say "rear deck - drv side"??
  14. Hi guys, I wanted to know where are the AV inputs in the car located, is there one on the back of the BOSE unit (i have the premium pack, no camera). What i am going to do is just run the AV leads to my mobile phone so i can plug it into the system. I have the Nokia N95 8gb, i think it a good solution for my self without any extra cost. So far I have 350 songs, FM Radio, some movies and GPS on the phone so it coveres what i need. So where is the best location to connect the phone?
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