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  1. Except step 1 is 8.6 mm of lift and pro is 10.0mm or whatever it is, Plus the different ramp rates and durations of the cams. So many variables. Can’t compare a factory engine to your built one as so much can change. Step 1 moves 90-120 Step 2 moves 75-125 Pro moves 80 - 130 Another variable.
  2. Can’t just put larger valve reliefs in the slugs? So many factors come into this and really can’t be answered without the donk being assembled and measured. - head been decked? - block been decked? - rod to stroke ratio… - gasket thickness? - depth of relief - valve size Measure it up and work backwards from there. There isn’t ANY other way to know.
  3. You’ve been talking about one of these for 18 years now. Buy one already and stop complaining about the 33. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. Building a house. Pushingcash towards that, don’t really have the time to take a toy for a drive at the moment. Last time it was registered I drove it like 3 times. Life changes, priorities change. It’s a toy. 🤷‍♂️ Back to johnnies car. No need to stink up his thread with my dribble.
  5. On stands, no rego, hot side off and a thick layer of dust. Might come back to it in 4 years.
  6. After sitting so long isn’t it just a “thing you do” to flow up and check the injectors before dyno time? Doesn’t take much variance between them to upset a “highly strung” setup. 🤷‍♂️
  7. Has there been any documented evidence about this number 5/6 running lean thing or is it something that’s been regurgitated online because someone said it and is now become “gospel”? I bought into this about 12 years ago when buying the Nismo plenum, I do run IEGT sensors BUT the guy that tunes it said he hasn’t seen this issue even with the standard plenums.
  8. A bottom cover? Im not sure what you mean. What’s in the photos is exactly what you get. It literally got taken off in and put into the box. There are no extra or missing bits.
  9. Pretty sure that was it. It was 12 years ago. The factory one is a snack to get on and off by comparison. You won’t be able to slide it on with 5 and 6 studs in place. They MUST be removed.
  10. Can be done, done it myself. You need to take off 5 and 6 throttles and studs. When putting it back on you’ll need to line the intake plenum and throttles with the gaskets and screw the studs in. Enjoy. 🤣
  11. It came off my ppg sequential. Im sure you could make it fit.
  12. Hi guys, I have for sale my Racepace motorsport R33/R34 GTR Catch can and lines. It has been power coated black and all lines have been changed to -12 bungs/fittings instead of the clamp on hoses. - 3 x straight fittings. - 2 x 45 degree fittings - 3 x 90 degree fittings - 1 x K&N -12 filter used on the breather line - Roughly 3.5 meters of -12 speedflow 120 series hose https://speedflow.com.au/120-series-start-lite-hose-from/ Located in Kogarah Bay, NSW, 2217. Price is $650. Happy to post but buyer pays postage. Selling due to going dry sump.
  13. It’s VCT/RB25. It’s not a Subaru sprocket that vcam uses.
  14. What’s that worth? Can’t see a $$$$ A decent getrag H pattern 6 speed dog box would be sweet!
  15. +1 here. went from a fanatec belt driven thing which was a massive step up from the likes of a g series Logitech but the DD is next level. It does need a solid base to mount it to or it moves around too much. The TR 160 sorted that out!
  16. What’s wrong with 23 psi of E map for 35 psi of boost?
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