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  1. I've dealt with Red Sun with no issue, comms weren't great but the guy is not dodgy. Pretty sure he runs it solo which might partly explain.
  2. Racepace do fabrication work, they are in Bayswater
  3. Sweet. I'll measure up first, see if it's going to fit 😄
  4. Keen on the sub if you still have it, where's pickup?
  5. Is that because of the different pulley? I've read ATI are great, what about the local Ross stuff?
  6. Cheers for all the input, appreciate the advice. I don't think I'll bother with the .92 for a turbo that comes on ~250rpm sooner. Shopping list looks like: 8374 1.05 Hypertune T4 manifold GFB EX44 wastegate x2 R33/R34 P/S pump Custom downpipe with gates plumbed back First step is upgrading to a modern ECU and MAP sensor- Haltech 2000 is on the cards.. Thanks again.
  7. I've got no intention of downgrading, just trying to get the sizing right for my situation now. I was hoping you would be able to weigh in with your experience regarding 2.6L builds- from what I've seen here and gtr.co.uk, you're involved in a lot of turbo builds and tuning?
  8. 8374 or 7670? To be completely clear- EWG is happening regardless of turbo choice, if I use the 8374 .92, I will be removing the actuator and welding the gate shut
  9. If I can find someone with a similar setup I'll definitely try and get a steer to see how it responds for myself. Hear what you're saying but honestly it's going to be a couple of years before the bottom end gets done. I can''t imagine it would be difficult to offload the housing if it all works well. As for the dump pipe, to make up for the reduced length all I'll need to do is add a small extender section of tube with vbands on either side, no other changes Yeah exactly. Looking at either a custom model or one of those swanky Garage Whifbitz ones.
  10. .92s seem to get better response on a 2.6L, so I don't know if the 1.05 is doing it right tbh Mick
  11. Thanks to everyone who took some time to respond. I'm currently leaning towards an 8374 .92 with it's gate welded shut and a downpipe solution that will allow me to change to a 1.05 by adding a small extender later. I'll report back when it all goes down. Cheers
  12. Yeah they do look pretty good for what they are, but I'd rather avoid all the boost control issues with IWG. If I'm going through this whole 'upgrade from low mount twins' exercise (ecu/balancer/crank trigger/manifold/turbo/lines/downpipe/etc) it seems wasteful to not do EWG, gates and the piping fabrication at the same time, rather than have to do it all again when I go stroker in the future.
  13. I'd love to see some data, bit thin on the ground I've seen the results you got with your IWG .92, looks solid. Unsure about 1.05 rear of the EWG
  14. I'm not at all surprised at your response Yeah 98 for now. E85 sometime in the future.. Good advice thanks mate. I did read your EFR thread comments about the 7670 Haha I'm sure that's exactly how it goes. I have been considering it for sure. Just wondering if I'm better off with the 7670 for a boost in response now, (and live with reduced total power) then moving to an 8374 when i eventually go 2.8.
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