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  1. As per the title states i just want to know if if anyone knows if the rear seat from a GT-R say would fit in my four door skyline. Any info is greatly appreciated.
  2. Can a Mod please delete my first attached file it is incomplete and has a mistake in it?
  3. I have attached the full updated file, I am no longer going down this route as i have managed to find a full R34 GTR wiring loom, so all i need to do is transplant the front and rear doors part of the gt4 loom into the gtr loom when i do my conversion.
  4. I have managed to get messenger to function corectly by turning off "Protected mode" in (internet explorer)(tools)(internet options)(security tab) does everyone that has IE6 or above just use their internet with this feature turned off? Would i be better off using firefox? I'd rather not run my internet with this feature turned off because then i wont be prompted when a web page is trying to install something on my computer. Ive had enough trouble with viruses lately and am tired of having to reload windows on my computer, (its the easiest way to fix it when you have a really bad virus but it takes a long time) as such id rather not use IE6 with the feature disabled. Any sugestions as to what i should do?
  5. Sorry got stuff i have to get done now, i will update this thread later, when i have the time to look for the crop button in "PAINT windows 7" Why cant we upload doccuments and spreadsheets? Sorry but i find it really frustrating that im trying to reply to someone about one of my threads about a mistake in one of my tutorials. AND due to the fact that i cant upload documents or spreadsheets along with the fact that my messenger wont work properly and again i cant upload pics of it for you because we cant upload documents. I know i says no winging but i will stop when someone can give me a good reason why we cant upload these files. I dont have a half hour to waste tonight just to get Bits of 5 "Print screen"s to fit in one paint file.
  6. sorry i did get your reply but i cant let you know that for 30 seconds??????
  7. pics of each page viewed saved in open office writer, sorry i havent loaded office on this computer yet. As you will see only after i reply does it list all 5 posts in the conversation Can not attach a document ... how do u want me to show pics of the problem?
  8. Do you want me to do a print screen and save it in word?
  9. For some reason if i open the msg only the first msg sent to me appears(even if there has been more sent to me since), but after i reply the rest of the conversation appears. Any help appreciated
  10. Thanks SCR34MIN for the query on the fact that pin 25 was lised 2 times when it obviously shouldnt be. If i havent posted up a new copy of the document in the next couple of days please send me a pm. Anyone.
  11. Please update files if you have downloaded. I will upload an updated doccument in the next couple of days as "SCR34MIN" queried the fact that i have listed pin 24 and 27 (original NON GTR pins) both to be moved to pin 25 ( move to NON GTR pin / GTR pin ) RE: columbs A, C, D at rows 47 and 50. C,47 and D47 should read pin number 28 i think (High Beam Ind. L) Going to get the guage cluster out of the shed now and test it. Sorry guys i thought i went over the whole service manual at 200% zoom to be sure that i didnt get any numbers wrong but ive re-checked it and because of the quality of the pdf its hard to tell but i think it should have been a 28 as listed above but i will confirm now.
  12. When i open a personal conversation from my messenger box it is currently only bringing up the first pm sent to me. The only way i can see the most current post in the conversation is by reading the copy of the last reply in my email account. When i click on the 1 that is on the top right hand corner of my profile this comes up (this is the first post of the conversation, shouldnt i be able to see all four posts? or at the very least shouldnt it show me the most recent reply) Sent 10 June 2011 - 02:36 PM hey mate, i saw that you posted this topic on how to change a GTT cluster to a GTR. http://www.skylinesa..._1#entry4218381 this is for the speedo instrument cluster yes? do you have pictures of it mate? thanks for your help! Please can someone reply via PM it has been like this since the webpage update. Thanks, Aaron
  13. As per title I need 5 or 6 coilpacks, must be in good condition with no signs of swelling between the conector part and the top of the coil. Prefer you txt or call me on 0432 044 566. Thanks, Aaron.
  14. writeup has been updated. the first one has been saved in open office the second one has been saved in excel, Delete the ".zls" its an excel file
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