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  1. Parts available still Oil cap Passenger indicator Jun oil pump Cas and ignitor Head studs Wheels AME tracers
  2. For sale - genuine enquiries only please call or text me on number below Built rb26 head as follows; used for just 500kms. Block cracked so parting ways. I have photos of this head when it was brand new early last year as well. -Ferrea 1mm oversized intake (special alloy 35.6mm) and exhaust (super alloy turbo application 30.15mm) valves -Tighe 272 11mm intake camshaft -Tighe 278 11mm exhaust camshaft -Extensive porting of intake and exhaust with port matched runners included -Supertech Heavy duty high lift valve springs -Supertech Titanium retainers -24 new bronze guides -Greddy adjustable cam gears and backing plate included -Oil drain fitting on rear of head $5000 as shown in photos no covers etc Located Gold Coast can freight securely with insurance auswide 0414596256
  3. For sale: please just text/call me 0414596256 4" stainless r32 exhaust dump pipe back straight through just a cannon at the back (suits precision 7675/GT42 high mount turbo) Steam pipe brae manifold, dual tial 44mm waste gates with screamer pipes, 5" intake pipe and filter included + braided lines (everything Except turbo) $3000 All V band joiners included R32 Shockworks fully adjustable coilovers $1200 near new!!! Rb26 fresh painted blue cam and valley covers with tomei plate $500 -have modified dash fittings can come with braided line and catch can text me for photos and info Tomei piston oil cap $80 R32 GTR genuine indicators $150 mint condition Jun rb26 oil pump $1000 Rb26 CAS $70 Rb26 ignitor $90 Arp head studs $300 used Turbosmart race port BOV $300 Rb26 sump extended capacity with tomei baffle 8.5L + oil pickup to suit with Rb30 block gtr adapter plate to fit sump to an rb30 block. Most fixtures included $2000 Gk tech rb fan with rb26 hub $100 AME 18x10.5+15 almost new wheels and Achilles 123 semi slicks full set $2500 wheels and tyres just 500km old Cusco 21 point full r32 coupe roll cage powder coated grey still new only trial fitted $750 (doesn't go through dash) R32 engine damper $80 Aftermarket Industries e85 fuel system, surge, 3x walbro 460 pumps and a lift pump with modified r32 gtr fuel assembly braided lines wiring and relays (rrp$2500) $1200 Located Gold Coast can freight auswide no problem 0414596256
  4. I have a set of throttle bodies 0414596256 if you want to purchase $150 posted
  5. I have a pair $2000 non v spec (grey ones) 0414596256 I can send you photos etc Located Gold Coast fright no problem Johnny
  6. I've got a LH guard in factory silver perfect condition 0414596256 if you want to purchase $130 posted Johnny
  7. $30 posted 0414596256 if you want to purchase Johnny
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