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  1. Hi Mate , whats the best price for the rear pods ? Cheers Daniel
  2. Hi mate, I've got silicone intercooler hoses in blue $90 +postage cheers Daniel
  3. Hey Guys , I Have a PPG Helical Cut Dog Box from 1st to 4th With Billet Forks and Billet OutPut Shaft Brand New fitted in a RB26 Gear Box !!!! $7000 PLEASE CALL OR SMS HARRY 0420465061
  4. What size tyre ? And how much tread mate? Thanks Daniel
  5. This car is a machine... I have seen it go !!!!!! And boys it hammers !!!!!!!
  6. Hey fatz, you got the Driver Side Splash Tray? How much Cheers Daniel
  7. Hi mate , best price for the water pump , oil pump and head studs Cheers Daniel
  8. How much just for the bottom end? Cheers Daniel
  9. hey guys, Any pic's of the show and shine couldn't make it on the saturday, and who won all the categary's ?
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