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  1. ive got one mate, how much u looking at spending? Dan 0402541975
  2. Jasma muffler has a twin inlet $15 dump/front pipe to suit high mount turbo (external gate) on a R33 skyline, i had it bolted to my GT30/40 $40 R33 series 1 grill, has all clips $20 R33 series 1 rims and tyres, all rims have gutter rush tyres are Toyo 225/50 with about 90% tread $250 need parts all gone ASAP so im open to all offers Dan 0402541975
  3. turbo back up for sale $250 firm
  4. RB25 series 1 turbo $250 FIRM (came off motor which had 110,000kms) ***sold pending pick up tomoz** R33 series 1 stock rims with 90% Toyo tyres 225/??16 $400 (all rims have minor gutter rash i think) R33 series 1 grill in white $35 Blown T25 turbo $5 Dan 0402541975
  5. the stupid thing is when i had my Skyline i was getting pulled at a rate of once every 2 weeks sometimes evenmore whilr driving to wrok at 3.30 am down torrens never once was i questioned about my car or was looked over for defects just a license check n rego check told them where i was going n they were fine, but as soon as i drive home in daylight while driving normal i get pilled over n drfected
  6. ahaha yeh he is a dumb bastard, threatened with all these fines then acted like a smartass, i had a big gt30 topmount and he looked at everything in my engine bay and said everything looks STOCK here ahahh
  7. officer f**kwit Neil likes to pull over n defect Skylines for no reason, did me for same reason and to think some of the Skyline community wanted to work out a peace offering with him a long time ago, what a joke
  8. ive got some Turbosmart wastegate springs laying around is interested in them, one has yellow paint (largest), one has red (medium) and another i think has orange (small) paint sprayed on it im not sure what psi they are, they have been sitting in my room for about 4 years and have some surface rust on them but nothing major
  9. ahaah hell no, i gotter better things to do than drive for hours n hours n hours
  10. well i have basically sold my 350rwkw R33 Skyline to an interstate owner, im gonna be missing her dearly, she was 100% reliable and never broke down, after collating all my receipts ranging from a forged engine rebuild to 3 turbo setups and lots of other crap im too scared to add up the total, it just goes to show u will NEVER get what u think for your car no matter how much u have spent on it i was fortunate that i did not have to advertise it at all and not have to deal with wanna be test pilots
  11. thats coz you are jsut way toooooo cooooooooolllllllllll for everyone else
  12. i have one too and i dont use but the new owner might so he can fit his fat head in the car
  13. R33 series 1 standard steering in good condition R33 series 1 glove box preferably with key (not sure series 2 same) Dan 0402541975
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