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  1. I just went throught RACV vintage last week .. agreed value 50k $615 premium per year $300 excess
  2. Interesting. I spoke with one of the guys from heartbeat about a car that they initially said was 4b but once they had sent me the history it turned out to be RA. I have to say they weren't hiding it as they sent me the auction sheet but I feel they told me 4b initially incase I didn't ask for history or to get me interested. The guy kept telling me it's a 4b car apart from the repair so it's kind of like they give their own ratings haha. Lucky we can check for these things.
  3. From my dealings with them and talking to others who have bought from them i wouldn't say they're dodgy and their cars are of a higher quality although they have claimed them to be different years (to make them more desireable i assume) like with this car and another silver one I was keen on but anyone who's dropping 40+ on a 32 should be able to figure that out for themselves.
  4. I'm pretty sure the car was originally purchased at auction by heartbeat in Sydney.. They originally advertised it as a 93 model but its a 92. It was taken down and then advertised at this current dealer.
  5. I followed the car at auction.. it was a 3.5C
  6. What size is the tyre and do you know what camber specs? its pretty much the look I'm aiming for.
  7. Looks amazing mate. Are your guards rolled?
  8. What happened mate?
  9. digging up an old thread. In regards to the first photo where the rubber has fallen away and you can see the metal .. is that part the weather strip retainer? I need to order new ones but I'm finding it hard to know which part it is exactly.. ( I have no yet received my car to take the part off and get a better look at it for reference) is this the part https://www.rhdjapan.com/nissan-oem-left-side-weather-strip-retainer-65f00.html
  10. The gunmetal r32 was imported and sold originally by Heartbeat Cars I believe and its a grade 4b. They generally deal with quite nice R32's. The MNP 33 actually dropped all the way down to $41,000 and didn't sell before the seller took it off carsales only to re advertise at $48,000. Both look to be extremely nice examples.
  11. I regret selling my GTR badly.. it just wasn't the right car for me at the time (I had to daily it) I've had a few s15's aswell but this is the only one I regret. Aero, regamaster EVO's, sunroof .. so much fun to drive aswell.
  12. ill have more soon I'm importing so I have abit of a wait.
  13. I used to think that too but I've come across quite a few recently that are for sale and are in fact R grades.
  14. All the history is there for you to obtain yourself plus in my dealings with them they've been nothing but upfront with the history of their cars. I enquired about the silver 32 they had for a while and with all the information they gave me they were open about the fact it was a grade R car from japan. They have the software to obtain the history. If you're interested in the car then give them a ring and see what they have to say.