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  1. The first one went a couple months back.. it was sold within 2 days. Seller didn't post a number or anything. There car surely must have been rough underneath or something to be advertised at that price. Surely someone who invests that much into it would know its worth more.
  2. Looks like the car has now sold.
  3. Haha all good.. I asked because I know the old add was removed and a new one put in place so I figured that's why you thought it was sold 😆
  4. How do you know the car is sold Bob?
  5. Did he elaborate on why he believed it had been hit in the rear? In regards to the repainted panels the seller did confirm the front left guard had received paint and also the bonnet which is why it received the RA grading. If that was the only repair (repainted panels) then I would have thought id would have got a 4 grade with XX marked on the bonnet and guard so I'm assuming there was more too it and there are some signs of further damage repaired.
  6. That's the car I started this topic about. I was VERY interested in the car until I saw that grading. No matter how good the inspection results where I feel that its way over priced with a R grading. What I couldn't understand is why it received the grading but had no noted panel repairs on the auction sheet. Did you receive a Japanese history check on the car? I got an auction sheet from heartbeart and wasn't sure if it was doctored or not. I too was confused with the meaning of the grading and it was enough to put me off.
  7. Why does it worry you djr81? From what I've seen they have all got paint flaking regardless off km's or have been resprayed at some stage?
  8. Thanks for the info guys.. I did notice the suspension had been changed .. It has Ohlin shocks. I guess that's just your typical salesmen talk sinista haha.. I haven't actually driven a stock one but yeah I cant imagine they'd be too quick. My plan would likely be to drive it.. I drive maybe 20km's a day so it would definitely be bought to enjoy until its eligible for REC REG atleast. As you mentioned Bob its a grade 4 and does look to be in pretty good condition. I was assuming the compliancing would already be done but yeah thankfully they have left the side blinkers off. I imported a 32gtr a few years back and they left them off then thankfully.. they look terrible. Preferably I want a white 32 so if you guys know of any please let me know but this looks to be worth a look.
  9. R32 For sale Hi guys, ive been looking to buy a 32gtr for a while now.. I'm in Victoria but I have found one interstate that id like to look into a little more. Just wondering if anyone has already inspected the car or has some extra info on it. This is the car in question https://www.carsales.com.au/dealer/details/Nissan-Skyline-1993/OAG-AD-13122446/?Cr=4 cheers
  10. anyone still playing this? Any recommendations and is it still the sim to go with? Don't mind paying for something decent. Ive been following SimracingNC on youtube.. the game looks great as does the racing quality.
  11. although that has been listed for months?
  12. did you manage to be facing the right way without doing a 3 point turn?
  13. Yeah I understand the price changes due to the exchange rate and international market ( I passed up a 4b vspec 34 for 42k landed and complied via the auctions 2 years back and bought a 32 instead.. now you'd be lucky to get one for double that). I was just pointing out that it isn't fair to use them as direct examples to guage a price for a local sale. Plus we all know what cars are advertised for on carsales doesn't mean a whole lot haha
  14. those above cars are no doubt going to countries other then Australia though. I understand the price of GTR's has sky rocketed but to use cars going to other countries with far better exchange rates to the yen isn't really relative to something selling locally.
  15. haha the bloke should thank me