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  1. still searching. At this stage only after a bayside blue car and will be interested in NON Vspec also
  2. digging up an old thread again.. hopefully get an answer this time haha. Inspected another r34 GTR and did a comp test. The engine was rebuilt in 2010.. 152 - 140 - 150 - 160 - 155 - 155 I read there shouldn't be anymore then 10% discrepancy between cylinders so is 140-160 a bit much?
  3. Hey guys, just digging up this thread rather then starting a new one. I'm looking to buy a R34 GTR in Perth and I too need a mobile mechanic to do an inspection for me or even someone who has had abit of experience with r34 gtr's I'd be happy to pay them for their time to go have a look and tell me what they think? The dealership will put the car on a hoist.
  4. be careful with one of the compliance workshops they use. I had a very bad experience with Import Revolution in Bayswater Victoria. I'd stay well clear of them. Pm me if you want to know more.
  5. I just went through the same thing a few days ago with RACV no longer insuring GTR's. Got a quote done through shannons for around $1600 per annum, limited use, $53000 agreed value. Got the same through enthusiasts insurance for around @1200 although use was 8000km per year. Found them to be much better then shannons.
  6. If you're talking about the one that sold at auction in Tokyo recently, that had 47,000km and was well above average condition. Sold for 9.2mil yen
  7. yep that's what I was thinking.. the overspray didn't look factory at all on the covers. Looks like some slight rust toward the jack points too so yeah probably covering up surface rust/preventing any more. Cheers for the reply mate.
  8. Hey guys, ive seen quite a few different condition underbodys recently whilst trying to import a car. Recently I looked at one that looked to have slight silver paint on the undercarriage. I was told it was factory but looks quite different to some others ive seen. The car in question is a QX1 VII R34 GTR. Here's a couple photos. It does have some black paint marks also but more so wanted to know why so much of it looks silver.
  9. Still in the market guys.. willing to extend the budget for a VSPEC2 at this stage.
  10. digging up an old thread .. had a compression test done as per a pre purchase inspection on a R34 GTR with 77,000km. The car is mainly stock and had cooled down quite abit before the test was done but not cold.. the results were ; 150 - 150 - 148 - 149 - 139 - 143 Cylinder 5 a worry?
  11. Looking for a R34 GTR Prefer VSPEC Bayside blue or white, history preferred, no major repairs , no rust or bent rails/sills Located in Vic but can travel for the right car. Budget of up to $100k PM, text or call on 0401910780
  12. congrats mate, sounds like a good pick up
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