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  1. Really you cant see the link Richo? You click on the blue title directly under where I finish after saying Thanks Wes
  2. Hi guys, I have Gav's GTX2863R kit available for sale from when he was the pioneer of these things and chose to go down the custom route when you retain the GTX front covers as Garrett intended. If anyone is interested please see the below link. Thanks, Wes
  3. This kit would be ideal for someone already running GT2860-5’s who is wanting to go to the next level but still retaining twin turbo’s. Each turbo is rated at 430hp so an extra 70hp each over -5’s with the previous owner & friend of mine making an extra 90rwhp when he went from -5’s to these. He had them on his car a year before pulling it off the road for his current build & given it was never a daily they have only covered 2000kms since new. Comes with everything you see in the pic laid out on the floor so turbos, custom dumps, custom intake piping with pods, custom compressed air piping upto but not including the merge pipe, hoses with clamps & shortened power steering pump. The kit is designed to be used with all the factory water and oil lines, manifolds, Bov’s, 2860 rear housings and waste gates. Reason for sale is I have sold my GTR so no longer need them. $2500 Please call 0438 233 610 if genuinely interested.
  4. You know me mate, never one to follow what every man & his dog are doing. Plus it was the right price[emoji6]
  5. This is my car as per the above. Forgot to mention I run 272 step 1 hks cams. Hopefully the mph can improve with the new snails.
  6. This is my car on -5's, E85, built 2.6 with all supporting mods. Going 2863's as Garrett sells them with my old rear housings in the new year, hope to see improvement everywhere.
  7. Guys, A friend of mine at the Perth WRX club has asked me to mention on here that they are having a track evening next Friday & are short on numbers - so anyone who'd like to go show up some Subaru owners is welcome. Price looks quite reasonable too. If interested go to wrxclubwa.com.au & check out the event link on the right hand side of the home page. I can't make it as I'm doing no limits the night before. Wes
  8. As stated above will there be an SAU Nats in 2015? Keen for another cross Aus road trip? Is Ash who's usually involved in organizing still floating around? He isn't responding to queries? Wes
  9. Went well mate, all my times were coming down each run. It's definitely an event where you need to do it a handful of times before you can say your confident with everything as its very dark in some places! I ended up in 18 outright which I was happy with. Plenty of room for improvement
  10. Hi Amir, I fitted mine yesterday for tonights event. Auto Bahn have light bars for sale at the moment. Come for a look tonight if your free & I'll show you what we did to fit mine. This shit forum set-up won't allow me to post a pic of it up. Wes
  11. Did you end up entering the round 2 event this coming Thursday Amir? Come along for a look to see if you like it. There should be at least four 32GTR's at this one looking at the entry list I was sent yesterday. Yes a light bar is a good idea as it is very dark in places. I'll have mine fitted up for Thursday so will be interesting to see how effective it is. I got a 500mm long one that should do the job Come say hi if you make it down. Wes
  12. Yes I am Amir, did the first one last week which was nice n wet A mate of mine with a skyline is also doing the whole series as well. They're really good fun & I've got plenty to work on after the first one... Wes
  13. For sale Ross Tuffbond Metal Jacket crank Harmonic Balancer to suit R32 GTR – Part number 306202 – look it up if curious. Accessory drive pulley ratios are all standard so can still run A/C if you wish. Comes with a pretty Greddy Water pump pulley thrown in as well – both 2 yrs old. Balancers alone are $650, asking $400 for both. Located Perth metro. 0438 233 610 is best to get me on if interested. Wes
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