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  1. is the gt3071r the same as the ones on hpinabox an tweakit that bolt up to the factory dump pipe?
  2. why would you want him to strip out the aftermarket stuff as soon as you get it your gonna want to put all that stuff back in
  3. have any of you guys used the jjr turbos off just jap im looking at the 560hp are they hard to fit to a stock mainfold for a rb25?
  4. i found a whiteline rear camber kit on ebay an im gonna give it a shot an see if a can get any better traction, but i dont fully understand how the kit works could you give me a rundown?
  5. im just upgrading my fuel system before i get a new turbo
  6. yeh the camber on my rear wheels is out, im gonna buy ajustable camber arms of ebay http://cgi.ebay.com.au/REAR-Upper-Mount-Ad...1QQcmdZViewItem have any of u guys used these items before? what do you think of them?
  7. i just put a ajustable fuel pressure regulator in an i cant find any threads on what the fuel pressure should be set at, my car has 190kws if that has any thing to do with the pressure required.
  8. i gotta buy new tyres for rego an thought since im dishing out money i may as well get tyres that dont spin everytime i hit boost. what have you guys found to be the best street slicks, an if you have any links to supplyers web pages?
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