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  1. Yep. Constant 12V supply. PWM controlled ground via the ECU.
  2. Link are dropping that display unit as it didnt do very well at all. They have now teamed up with an Australian dash company. Similar dash to a racepak etc.
  3. RB20/25/30's crank bolt is torqued to 142 - 152Nm. Most torque wrenches will do that, so there is no excuse for not torquing the crank bolt on those engines. RB26, different story, 446 - 466Nm to torque that sucker. Only proper way to do it would be to have it in the car (Engine stand will move far too much applying that torque), sump off, nice stopper between the crank wall and the crank and use a 1" torque wrench capable of that torque. Might have to pay someone like a truck tyre shop to borrow a wrench that big for a day.
  4. I think Nitto better pull their finger out and get that product on the market otherwise this guy is going to be laying in a bed full of money if his product works and he decides to sell it.
  5. Just buy a Nistune board from Nistune and pay the freight. Done? http://www.nistune.com/
  6. Buy a Link Plug in. There is no patch loom to convert the Extreme wire in to the factory harness.
  7. I would never ever trust billet gears. After researching and buying a set of them (reimax) and seeing how much rediculous amount of clearance there was to the crank collar I onsold them and bought a Nitto collar and pump. The spool gears are utter shit with poor design flaws.
  8. Oh. Your putting this into a 31 yeah? If you want a loom thats almost plug and play for a 31 with all the un necessary stuff removed, I have one.
  9. I have an excellent condition AFM. Clean, no cracks. $90 including postage. PM me if your interested. Daniel.
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