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  1. Sold my Silver(standard) GTST many years ago, i have Standard Original 2 x Rear light assemblies and 2 x side mirrors for sale. $100.00 the lot Located Trigg . I won't be logging in much to answer everyone, they are all is working order, minor scuffs txt me and I can send pics. Txt 0421 847 552
  2. Hey All, tommoz is the day i will be taing my car too the pitsbeen such a rush running around for everything,, but i need a pair of rims/tyers that will pass on my car as atm i am sitting on 20'z if anyone can contact me in regards too this that would be greatly appreciated! 0421 847 552 cheers.
  3. aww sweet bro i am currently away mate,, i be home early July,,, i shall PM you once i am home...
  4. Hey all, well this morning as i am currently waking up i got done by the po po!! they got me for front suspension saying it dosnt have enough rebound lol i laughed,,, and my rear spoiler is longer then the car which i agreed toooo, but now i am in need of parts i need exhaust cat standard BOV i think thats alli need as i have permits for the rest..... can anyone help?
  5. yes hahahaha !!!! what you think i should do its 1200 dollars lol !!!! ahhh i dunno!
  6. Purchased a Power FC + HC of SAU over east through a user name Jess. i have payed and everything and havnt herd back kinda pissed off!!!! have sent multipe emails and PM's through SAU still no answer!!!!
  7. heheh its prob for google street viewer lol hahh you neverno i doubt it is a multi
  8. hahah yo thats me lol with 4GIVEME patrick!!!! howu end up goin??? that night ionly did too hillarys then meh i live that way soo wanted to hit the pillow n play the PS3 loool nerd!!!!! i am hahahaha jokez jokez!! n e wayz buddy take care
  9. hey mani have the wiring diagram,,, took me 30 minstoo install mine
  10. i have come down to the conclusion that its my coilpacks that are causing missfire even at .7 bar,,,, or even stock boost sometimes.... i have re-gapped,, reset ecu,,, and its still continuing to missfire,,,, are spitfires the way to go???? can i please havesome input on this topic before i fork out 600+ dollars on em... if i was too get them were is the cheapest too purchase??? thx alot
  11. they dont have it and they said if they do they want $1000+ for it soo ijut said the get f^&*k word,,, still hunting
  12. rear end damage on my r33 back left quater near power antenna down too behind the left rear wheel,,,, how much to purchase a panal and all labour too????? thnks
  13. munazza

    Friday 15th

    i belive soooooo just left him a msg soo once he is replied i let ya no,,, i think he has organised a few evos ect ect soo goin to be a fairly mixed cruise i think YES MAPS PROVIDED BIT OF HILLS AND SOUTH OF THE RIVER
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