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  1. i will try the 5857 AR:82 on my RB26 !!! after i saw the result on a 1JZ from the state . what do you guys think ?
  2. i figured out the spacer thickness just a quick question : the squirter make a (jet of oil) or (oil mist) , cause i would space and just offset the skirter abit to clear the piston skirt !!! do i put it to shoot on the outside of the skirt or inside i'm would go for the inside position !!!(red dot) Blue : stock position Red : option 1 Yellow : option 2
  3. is this going to change the balance of the piston ??? should i rebalance everything , cause it's allready done !!!!
  4. OIL Squirter !!! Are they realy important !?!?! cause i have Mahle piston in my engine and the dont clear my oil squirter !!! i could make them fit but it's a pita !!! the nozzle of the squirter hit right there !!! what do you guys think !!!
  5. i need some advice from you guys !!! i have MAHLE 87mm piston for my rb26 and i would like to know what is the best Piston To Bore Clearance And Ring Gapping for my set-up . i wont go over 550/600 hp for this built !!! i saw some post about Piston To Bore Clearance And Ring Gapping in some other threads , but they were not for MAHLE . thanks in advance P-O
  6. any news on the price ... i need one asap !!!!!!!
  7. any news on the final price ??? did you got my PM DiRTgarage ???
  8. very interested !!! DiRTgarage you have a PM
  9. i'm in for a rb25det balancer ... i have a rb26dett but OEM crank balancer , power steering and alt from a rb25 !!!!
  10. do you have the exact spec of the spacer you used ??? it would helps us alot !!!! thanks in advance .
  11. my map are plug on the balance tube and i dont have any problem !!! idle fine at 1000rpm all the way to 8000 when i drive it !!!
  12. 1. answer is simple : take the diff out , cut the housing and weld shut the holes . run a rb25det tranny 2. alot of poeple are saying ... there's no replacement for displacement !!! 3. i'm up around 15,000 to 20,000 $$$can. for my swap in a usdm s14 ... but i rebuilt the bottom end of my rb26 with forged pistons and r33 crank !!! but there's alot more custom shit in a usdm s14 : - motor mounts - downpipe to clear the steering column - wiring harness - drive shaft - electric fans ... no place for the mechanic one - ect... i think you should be find with 10,000$$$ since your not fare from your wanted rwkw , i would just forged the rb25 !!! sorry for my english i'm french !!! P-O
  13. thanks for your replys guys . it's appreciated !!! i was 99 % positive that i had the good pistons . and i need to say that there packaging is great !!! nothing compare to the JE i had in my last engine !!! spec on the box the were 650 US , ship to my place in montreal, canada ... 650 US convert to canadian money is 800,48 CAD and them UPS charge me 109 CAN for border fees (the value for the border fees was 300 US) in total it cost me around 900 $$$ CAN
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