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  1. im going to go and see what i can do in the stock R35 GTR now on the PS3 hehehe
  2. im guessing anything thats custom and related to fibreglass will be fairly manually intensive and hence expensive? unless you get some kind of deal with whoever's going to do it for you! impul front bar on a GTT: http://www.skylinesaustralia.com/forums/in...howtopic=160927
  3. yeah thats why its called a "copy" bah, close enough!!! the GTR one looks like a GTR one because GTR > GTT !!! im guessing the japs dont bother with the GTT because the GTR is this shizzle mynizzle. where there is a market, there is money theres a few out there... Thomas (shonen) has a kit forsale for the GTT.... he also has alot of other "ricey" things forsale for the GTT aswell i think ;)
  4. hahah - dude, g_force knew that, it was in the title of the post "Top Secret Kit For 34gt-t" ....
  5. geez thats a good lookin car! Hahah! g_force, my top secret copy front bar was supplied, painted and fitted by Carmate out at Cabrammatta on Liverpool Rd (Hume Hwy) many many years ago. i think it cost around $400 supplied, sprayed and fitted. a few qualms, -they had put on this farking uber ugly rice mesh. reminded me of alot of Cyber kits on CRX's. that came off quite quickly. -the lip didnt swoop low enough, whilst it wasn't as aesthetically pleasing it was quite functional going up and down gutters, speed humps etc. -its fibreglass, as most kits are, so it was flimsy and as such air went everywhere you didnt want it to go. ie. into the front mount. if i were to do a GTT again, id get an R34 GTR front bar kit from East Bear or an Impul front bar. i remember wanting to copy/buy/pillage another GTT owner who had an Impul front bar on his. looks great. Also, Ed on this forum had a GTT with a top secret front bar similar to mine, whilst it was abit crooked it swooped abit lower than mine. Fark it, save your money and get the real deal. R34 GTR. as low as $55K on carsales these days and you have the Yen at friggin 95YEN to the aussie dollar!!! time to go long Japanese.*
  6. if you're worried about fuel consumption get a honda civic or maybe convert the fd or gtr to lpg
  7. pages 1-4 of the article: http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=44480 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=44481 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=44482 http://www.wikiupload.com/download_page.php?id=44483
  8. perhaps? i must admit a little bit of information is often dangerous!!! I found the article....Page 55, High Performance Imports magazine. GTR Special Issue #4. Story by Martin Donnon titled "Low 12's for Low Bucks". Keir Wilsons bnr32 on the cover... I can scan the rest of the article (actually quite informative imho) for anyone to have an ...apparently ill informed read of... according to Sewid, by request.
  9. z32, yeah i remember it came off the 300zx also but, i'll clarify later, wether you can get maybe a karger capacity afm from one of the other rb engines....i read it somewhere...!!! injectors - like these ones: http://auctions.yahoo.com/i:4%201986-88%20...ectors:11480331 Series 4 (1986–1988) was available with a naturally aspirated, fuel-injected 13B-VDEI producing 146 hp (108 kW). An optional turbocharged model, known as the Turbo II, had 182 hp (141 kW). im unsure about series 5!? id say they'd be 550cc injectors though...they wouldnt have gone backwards would they?
  10. - 550cc injectors from a series 4 RX7, should drop in - z32 80mm afm's, i think from an rb20det? - a boost controller, brand new avcr is like $600? - powerfc & tune you'll probably need a clutch by now but you should be doing low or even flat 12's...
  11. heheh, victim of both http://myspace.com/frankyfiveangels http://www.cardomain.com/ride/339944
  12. i was hoping to see some good lookin girls when i walked into autosalon but the first thing i saw was tosh's head! hahahahahaa. j/k - was good to bump into ya mate! i liked it. few new things i've never seen before ie. lan games, 3on3 bball, beach volleyball etc. was good. calibre of cars were good also. nice to see some hyper honda's there with k20 and b18 engine conversions. bel garage was impressive ....... evo 9 circuit battle car is awesome - well done guys. lots of bnr34's around which is what i like to see - is it me or are they everywhere now? was crossing the road going home the other night and a nice white one, lowered, stock looking went straight by me - crazy.
  13. props to you, but not everyone is like that... i'm only guessing but if it was how most test drives go i reckon it would've been said mostly with tongue in cheek! how can you honestly quantify this? what makes a good and bad driver? heres an interesting article for you, just from doing a quick search on google http://blogs.drive.com.au/2006/07/are_aust...worlds_wor.html why lie? everyones racist in varying degrees. im just saying your stereotyping.
  14. grkgtrsis - i understand your frustration right now but if you're old enough to drive then you are just as responsible for your own life when you get into someone elses car as a passenger. if the driver is speeding, tell them to slow the F*CK down! especially if its someone you dont know. it was a test drive right? your brother probably wanted the driver to go faster!?!?! also, what is the relevance of the nationality of the driver? are you trying to say something here??? if they were caucasian, hispanic, african american whatever ... would you have said the same? i'm glad noone was hurt. im sure everyone has learnt from this...
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