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  1. just remembered this was on!! ill stop in on my way up to perth and check it out..
  2. hey guys my name is Troy, good to see some more v35s in wa! i have had mine for about a month now. its pretty much stock, premium edition i lowered it on king springs last weekend, it has 20" rims, 255 fronts and 285 rears. very keen for a cruise :) heres a pic of my baby:
  3. my best mate recently got a TT 95 supra...f**k i love it..so quick and makes a beautiful sound..its prettymuch a show car..custom audio install and all that jazz i cant really falt it ay..as much as id like to to deflate his big head haha..theres just nothing wrong. OH actually..the rear seats are pointless haha no room in there..thats it lol
  4. ay every1 my name is Troy im 18 im a seccondyear apprentice at rockingham nissan i currently drive a blue n14 pulsar..sr20de iv been on the search for a clean r32 for a while but hav had no luck yet if anybody needs genuine parts..send me a msg and ill probs be able to get them at trade price soooo...yea thats bout it haha lataz
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